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Going into tomorrow like it is my last.

I’m starting the 30+ age group category tomorrow. This represents my attitude, guns blazing, no prisoners. The age group race was not a priority this season and I was not planning on entering it until I realized I did not have enough $ to head over to Belgium this December. There are a lot of […]

What to do in Bend during Cyclocross Nationals?

Lots to do. Check out the Visit Bend website: HERE. Wednesday night – Trebon vs. Craig Thursday night – Marcel Russenberger, Bart Bowen and Molly Cameron at Jackson’s corner @ 7pm. This is assuming you are doing an easy spin with some openers like your coach told you to in the morning before putting the […]

Photo mention in Olympia blog:

A brief visit to the Molly Cameron tent at the USGP of cyclocross in Portland.

Join us for a spin tomorrow in Portland:

A bunch of us cx racers are getting together tomorrow morning for an easy hour or so spin. Mo Bruno Roy, Barb Howe and Ben Popper are just a few of my super star cx racer pals who are in town for the USGP finals and CX nationals in Bend this weekend. Come join us […]

December first. Culture dump:

My pals shop in Kansas City is closing. I am a huge pinball fan though, not very good at it. I like design but, again. Not so good at it. Major Lazer “Keep it Going Louder” from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo. This pic is too amazing NOT to include. My pal Dean Tracy is a […]

I protest. Shoes.

Ok, I heart me some Matt Pacocha but, I completely disagree with this statement: “We’ve told you — and if you’ve tried it, you know — that Shimano’s top-of-the line $380 M310 mountain bike shoe isn’t a good option for cyclocross. It’s too stiff and its minimalist sole is just too slippery if you miss […]

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