Not gang of four.

I’m in a fight with a pal this evening and here is my make-up attempt:

Wild Palms from felix buckley on Vimeo.

I don’t know, maybe this music may backfire and could very well break us up forever but, I don’t think so. It is hard to find solid bands. I really like a lot of electronic stuff out there these days but, this video from these British kids is pretty solid. I’m not sure I love the Joy Division-esque moaning but, it feels authentic to me.

Which I value.


I kinda fantasized about my skiing experience being like this video. Without all the silly euro schenanigans.

Ok, maybe with all of the euro schenanigans.

This video is nuts. Soooo good! I don’t really know alot about skiing and this looks sooo intense! ps: mute the soundtrack on this video.


mary iversonAnd, I have JD to thank for most of the great art I am exposed to these days. MY LOVE FOR YOU blog is good, subscribe to it.

Mary Iverson. Info on her current show and art here.

This lines and colors in this piece remind me of my old pal Kelly Martin. Who painted a mural in the mezzanine of the Veloshop in the very, very beginning of the shop. The very mural that a certain Paolo Pezzo poster is mounted onto.


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