Roubaix and Dugast rot.

These videos are worth the twenty minutes of your life: (if you like cyclocross)


I love the way Stybar races. Aggressive, punchy and fighty the whole way. When he is on, he just looks like he is having a blast on the course. And good ol skinny bones throwing down the late surge. When is Klass going to rise above the rest of the field and win something big?!

I’d love to go back and race Roubaix. It is sooo f’ing hard. They ran the course backwards to the way I have ridden it. Those videos show you some true cyclocross. A heavy course, lots of running. Sketch ball descents that the top riders have to jog down.

Local rider often ask me: “what are Euro courses like? what is different about them?”. Take a look at this course, only 2 top US riders finished on the same lap and one of them barely. Most Euro cx courses will have some features that all but the toppers can manage to ride. We just don’t have the fitness and skills to ride courses like this! US course designers and promoters cannot put on races that truly challenge the top riders because the rest of the categories would not be able to complete more than a lap or two.

And, that would not be very fun for the non-elite categories. As a rider, I would love to see more difficult courses but, as a lover of cx, I want to see it continue to grow and I know people would not keep racing if every course they did was so challenging that they had to run every section.


Dugasts really do appear more delicate than some other brands available. Nothing personal, just an observation.

Greg points it out here.

I’ve had more than a few of them fall victim to water creeping in from the basetape. Anyone have any more pro-er than pro sealing techniques? Care to share? You don’t even need to “aquaseal” or coat FMB and Challenge tubulars and they rarely fall victim to the rot as commonly as the good ol Dugasts. I have seen a couple FMBs go but, never in the first month or two of race use… (assume here that cleaning and storage are similar, clean them, dry them and store them dry.)

Not keeping me from buying them though. I do wonder why they fail like that so often. I fancy myself as being a tubular tyre connoisseur but can’t find logic enough to make a hard judgment.



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  1. CX magazine recommends urethane sealant over aqua seal. Is one better? With deep dish carbon or alum. rims what about the water seeping to the underside of the tubular (as in Greg’s case or so it seems). I want to try Dugast next season but this has me leaning towards your FMBs.

    Glad to see someone post on the roubaix WC – great race and gnarly – when Sybar dropped the hammer it was a beautiful thing!

    Posted by Mark W. | January 20, 2010, 6:11 am
  2. what about Tufo sealant? Also, thanks for the video – helps pass the time on the rollers!

    Posted by Allan | January 21, 2010, 7:52 am
  3. Mark – I’ve only ever really used latex and aquaseal. No idea about the urethane but, really anything that will go on light/thin and protect from water penetration should help.

    I imagine you could seal up the spoke holes on the rim before you glue your tyres up. I like to think that the coats of tubular glue you put on your basetape would technically seal the hole but, some rims concave profiles and different mounting techniques would lead to the base tape being raised up from the spoke holes.

    I wonder about Belgie tubular tape too, if that helps keep water from seeping into the tyre from the rim.

    Allan – Tufo latex sealant goes into the innertube so, won’t help with outer casing rot.

    Posted by Molly | January 22, 2010, 12:58 pm
  4. When was the last time anyone in the U.S. went to a sports park with a velodrome, skatepark,soccer field and room for a ‘cross course? Where are ‘cross promoters going to find courses remotely similar? And when ‘cross is broadcast live on a local program, then there will be more folks out. I think in Europe it’s a matter of pride that if the courses are rendered that tough you carry on, toughness be damned. Jeez, just to get a permit to have a cross race in some field seems to be a nightmare.

    Posted by Blake Barrilleaux | January 27, 2010, 10:10 am

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