Things you should watch:

First: you should know that Dolphins are just about as smart as you. Well, smarter than most bike racers really. This video is evidence.

Circle your prey, cause it to freak out, and jump into your trap. Pretty much my racing style.


We all know Jens is hard. So hard that he needs to use a gameboy or a book to relax. Handheld gaming will now become hotter than compression garments. heh heh. My boner for Jens just got a little bit bigger. Wait! did I just say I had a boner for Jens?! geez. Enjoy this video interview:


Dave Moulton keeps the good posts coming. Always, always a good read. I fancied myself a madison specialist for a couple years. And always dreamed of going to Europe to ride the sixes.

Track Cycling from SpeedskaterHD on Vimeo.


Combine that with Dean Tracy’s 6-day euro life update. Dean Tracy is the real deal folks. And, rumor has it he will be back in Portland for a season of road racing.

I’m calling him out as the only real threat to Steven Beardsley’s Oregon sprinting dominance. If Dean can find his road legs in the next few months Steven will have his hands full. I’ll gladly be observing it all go down from my position in the rear of the field.


What else do I have? An article declaring that the US will have both a World Cup and the World Championships in Kentucky in a few years. Fuck yeah!! Well, we have heard all of this before. Remember the one about Sven Nys chartering an airplane to fly all of the Euro-pros over to the states for the World Cup that was supposed to happen?

Yeah. About that…


Portland has been exceptionally nice this time of year. It is mostly dry and beautiful. And I am still just not really finding the time to get on the bike. So damn busy with work in Portland Bicycle Studio and keeping the Veloshop rolling smooth.

I need to get everything sorted so I can start riding regularly again.


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