I’m speachless, mainly because I’ve lost my voice with this cold.

equals_singleAnd I am feeling the 1960′s right now so watch these choice videos.

I don’t have a lot of history with Tom Jones. But the man has a decent pair of pipes. “She’s a lady” is more my style but I could not find a decent video of it. Enjoy this and avoid the Lolitas and Delilahs.


This is straight out of a bad episode of the Prisoner. I cannot understand a word the announcer is saying. (“the legend of EX-ana-doo”) And the fake whip!? I must admit, I love-hate this stuff. Not going on the ipod interval mix anytime soon.


Finally; this is too good for words. How have I not heard of the Equals before?! WTF WTF WTF! I’ve replayed this video over and over again. I can’t even handle it! They are just bouncing up and down and I can barely understand the sing-mumbling. Soooo good.


crusadepdxOh, right. This is supposed to be a bike racer blog… I am sure all of the die-hards have seen this photo: The “NEW” Clement CRUSADE PDX clincher tyre.

My thoughts?

Portland does not need anymore help. (CrusadePDX infers to me: lapped riders, orange cones and Why not a more thoughtful name? And, I hope the Crusaders don’t sober up anytime soon to sue Clement. We already lost the World Championships to Louisville.

I will also say this: if they make a tubular version and can keep it from rotting out in one season, THEN you can speculate it as a “rhino-killer”. I keep getting more and more emails about repairing rotted out Dugast Rhinos.

Though I still love them and will keep buying them.


2 comments for “I’m speachless, mainly because I’ve lost my voice with this cold.”

  1. Molly, thanks for the equals vid! It kind of reminds me of early Animals stuff in a way. Or maybe I should say after listening to this, I can see where the animals got some of their sound! Great stuff. Check out Fire doing “my father’s name was dad” Good stuff

    Posted by jason | February 9, 2010, 3:17 pm
  2. Do you know who the singer for the Equals is? Eddie Grant…as in Electric Avenue Eddie Grant.

    Posted by Kraus | February 12, 2010, 10:33 am

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