Everyone is going to Adnan Kadir’s training camp!!

dailybriefingI’m such a tool for the late post and this is happening NEXT MONTH!

March 24th – 27th.

My pal (though NOT my coach, he still gets the MC stamp of approval) Adnan Kadir is hosting an excellent training camp next month.


Aeolus Endurance Sport Marin Camp 2010 is in in its 4th year. This year, the camp will feature Jeb Stewart as the primary presenter. Jeb is the man behind Endurofit – an amazing cycling coach and Strength and Conditioning specialist. He will add an excellent new dimension to camp his presentations are first class. Also, we will have two sessions with our nutritionist – a lecture targeted towards eating for success for endurance athletes and a thorough Q&A session the next day. The camp will also feature daily yoga and available massage by the ex-masseuse from the BMC pro team.

There will also be a few additions this year: Cyfac will be supplying demo bikes, and Training F/X will be offering bike fitting and Blood Lactate Testing services. Once again, Quarq will be on hand with demo units for everyone to try and purchase at a special camp rate if they choose.

Here is the itinerary!

The camp price of $2399 includes all lodging and amazing customized meals at the Ralston White Retreat as well as full tuition and your first massage. It also includes full mechanical support during and after our training days as well as full on-road vehicle support. All of the rides take place in beautiful Marin County, California.

For more details, email or call Adnan Kadir @ 503.516.1943


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