Frame builders… and some other assorted assholeness.

I need to start somewhere! …I start with a review, en français, of one of my current favorite sci-fi writer’s books. Take note, this is such a painfully euro kitchen. Dude probably does not even have a refrigerator… as he also probably does not have any heat in his flat as everything stays at a constant 5 degrees.

You probably don’t want to listen to this review video out loud or, maybe you do… it will make you seem mysterious and intelligent to your office mates! So start the video and take the next few minutes to skim this quick update.


Click on the image for a view of my mechanic Jake’s life last fall.jakescyclocrosslife Take a quick read, and tell him to keep writing! I love the wet NW imagery.


And the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show… you would think that I have some amazing frame builder gossip from the NAHBS. Well I do! And it is… that frame builders are complete curmudgeons. All of them. And I love it. They are all such quirky, eccentric people. I could have spent weeks just hanging out with each of them, swapping stories and listening to them all trash talk each other.

They are dear precious gems. The custom frame builders.

I’ve got some photos I need to edit and post to my Flickr site.

And, when I got back I went directly into the Portland Bicycle Studio in-studio event. Which was a smashing success! We showed off some Lazer helmets and Ridley bicycles. I had Judi’s Crumpton in there too. Which is completely bad-ass!

judiscrumptonframeI’ll say it again, I am so excited to be working with Nick Crumpton. His bikes are flawless. He won best Carbon bicycle at the NAHBS this year. Which makes him the winning-est builder in NAHBS history!

I’ve been working on a story about times and places, periods of my life and how experience is about savoring the moment, or moments, in which they exist. NAHBS plays a large part in that. It is a recent experience. And one that everyone interested in cycling should experience for themselves. I’m not in love (at ALL) with how the NAHBS is put on and most agree it is a poorly planned and run event. (don’t hate the messenger) I appreciate how all of these frame builders come together and show off their products. The grumpy steel builders can openly appreciate the beautiful carbon work before retreating to their workshops to file away their insecurities. The meticulous painters and carbon component companies can see their collaborations and handicraft on beautiful display bicycles. Take Zanconato: lugged steel bikes + carbon fibre tubular wheels. WTF?! Brilliant! Additional Zank video HERE.

We have to embrace the moments we can share something beautiful together. Because they do not last forever.


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  1. In the comment on my blog one Xanares has supplied a sort of translation (well his girlfriend did) but I’d still love a word-for-word breakdown.

    Hey, do you want to supply me with some material for that ‘Who Reads My Books?’ thing I’m doing?

    Posted by Neal Asher | March 12, 2010, 2:15 am

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