The importance of being proper:

le one night stand!There is no Sauvie’s Island in Oregon. I’m just saying. There is not.

There is also no “W” in Amy Dombroski’s name. There is not.

There is so much to be said about respecting somethings. And paying f’ing attention.

So, when we go for a ride sometime soon and you suggest doing the: “Sauvie’s Island loop” and I look at you like you are an imbecile… It is because you are. Don’t hate me because you are ignorant.


With that said, Adam tipped me off to this blog a while back. And, it is brilliant feminism, in words, on the web. I am really appreciating the intelligent criticism of burlesque in Twisty’s latest post.

Damn, someday I will expound upon the arguments I have had with partners past about burlesque, porn, sex and a woman’s right to wear whatever the fuck she wants. And how much I support that.

XS Club Racer - don't mess with this.I think it is fucked up that some women will violently support a burlesque show and then hate on other women who choose to wear lingerie at cyclocross races.

Right now, I have a fucking beard. (well at least what this estrogen-laden body can muster up to pass as a beard…) And I still expect you to call me she. How is that for my stance on feminism and gender?


Not that Independent Fabrications needs anymore help jerking themselves off: but this shit is off the hook! This is a Club Racer. Long reach brakes and room for fenders! Carbon and titanium! “We are going to make a clean bike that is practical and basically a work of art and exercise in craftman(craftwoman)ship. And just cause… well, cause we can.”

the facial beardOk, maybe they do need a hand with that jerking off… I would put some miles on that thing. I’d maybe even do a few Epic Rapha rides on it. In fact; I think that Rapha would FORCE me to ride on their continental team with my new facial hair and custom titanium/carbon bike. I’m quite the unstoppable force right now.


Finally, Brendan at Competitive wrote a nice piece about ISPs (INTEGRATED SEAT POST). While I wholeheartedly agree with him. I must counter point. (that and I’ve got owners and soon to be owners of ISP bicycles emailing me like crazy “waaaah! The sky is falling! I’m afraid, I’m AFRAID!!” Do not be afraid. ISPs don’t fail too often. At least none that I’ve worked with. There is almost zero risk of your saddle falling off or the seat mast breaking off catastrophically. If installed by a professional…

I found having an ISP design that actually works (aka: does not break AHEM.) was a HUGE plus for me as a traveling cyclocross racer. Granted; I am a small rider so my frame with ISP easily fits into bike boxes and bags. Being able to pull my saddle off the top of my bike and then put it right back on without having to check or double check my seatpost+saddle height every time I re-built my bicycle was awesome. It is plug and play. I, luckily, do NOT suffer from saddle height OCD. I got a great bike fit, determined my optimal position and saddle choice for cyclocross and that is that.

For my clients, they trust that the fit we provide at Portland Bicycle Studio is spot on. (ReTul, Dartfish, and the Dharma initiative can’t be wrong… right?!) And, once fit professionally, your position on an ISP bike is dialed. They do look f’ing sexy. And nope, not much added in the way of performance enhancing stiffness. But, why not do it? (That and EDGE never gave me one of their hott seatposts so… I think I’ll resent seatposts till the end of my days.) A well fit bicycle will be your partner for years and years. And an ISP highlights my bicycle studio’s commitment to our fit process and getting riders on bicycles well suited to them.


Thanks to my friend Edward for this video response to my “Yeasayer” comment:


Tooting my own horn too much?

How about this for humble pie? Click on this link: Remember three of these men.

For any success I have and will have in cyclocross, they will personally have about %90 to do with it. Ok, maybe something like %80. But still they are a big deal. And I stole the link from someone else’s blog. Sorry. And if you know who they are, don’t spoil it for everyone else.


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  1. you can barely ride a wheelie…how can Lopes be one of your power animals?

    Posted by matt hall | March 12, 2010, 1:15 pm
  2. Don’t hate me because I hate you because you’re arrogant.

    Posted by Randy Bachman | March 12, 2010, 1:19 pm
  3.’s “Brendan”…
    The estrogen thing is whack–it changed your hair color and gave you two moles.

    Posted by Jim | March 12, 2010, 2:06 pm

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