An amazing weekend. wrapped up!

Ape redux.(written last Sunday)
I’m sitting with JD at a cafe working. We both have our laptops open and are commenting on our projects, emails and shit we see on the interwebs.

We spent the day today (Sunday) doing some of this. A classic road ride with super strong pals. I got beat up. And then beat up some more.

It was a beautiful weekend. I had an excellent time on and off the bike. Spending a little time being social and riding in the sun sure does a lot for your mental outlook!

Now it is time to reflect on the past. Take a look at this piece of history. Explore the Independent Fabrications blog. Really really good times.

This Independent Fabrications bike is too legit.


All right, this update lagged as I was on the coast for a few days this week. Moving on to more exciting updates!


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