I thanks to enjoy your bicycle life.

Thanks Kyle Valenta for the heads up on this band. I don’t get out so much anymore and keeping up with new music is challenging.


Simon is a british bastard with a loud INTERNET PRESENCE. But damn it if I don’t LOVE keirin racing myself… And Japanese documentary videos about keirin racing. Take some time and watch all of these. SO damn good! Keirin is so very interesting. The culture around it. Something so f’ing far removed from what I have ever experienced.

I’m going to go to Japan and make Daisuke take me to temples to eat vegan food.


I was once obsessed with getting over to Nippon and riding some keirin. now, I just want to go and do Daisuke’s cyclocross race and rub elbows with Keichi Tsujiura at the Kansai cup in November!!


Here is a
infografic for you to enjoy. I too watched as Deborah Gibson negotiated her way around a submarine.


More over at the Independent Fabrications blog.



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