Tight hamstrings. And brain hurts.

Gabby you are one tough lady. Maybe I should think about heading over to the UK and racing?


Late night.Was just talking with Jeremy Dunn (JD) about writing. I’m impressed with the amount of words he puts to paper. Some exciting shit going down this spring. Hanging out late this evening in the Rapha North America office because soon, I won’t see him for 2 months. Peace out! We are getting tons of work done tonight. Dinner + chocolate. boo-yah. Totally my style. —>

I’m just calling Roger Hammond out to win Paris-Roubaix this weekend.
Why? I love an underdog. And, because when we lined up to start a shitty little cyclocross race in Wachtebeke 4 years ago we looked at each other and snickered, as we both knew we were going to get lapped on this 4 minute a lap course.


Oh man… Whaaaaa? Come on. When I was a kid, I wanted a PK ripper so bad. Cause it was the shit. It was the best bike you could buy. The top shelf. I did not know shit about riding BMX bikes but, I knew that one day, probably when I was an adult, I could afford one.

I don’t want a cheapened version of one of my dearest memories. Fuck these walmart dropouts, integrated headset and BS hipster geometry.

Total cost to produce: $83.37 and a small part of your soul.

No thanks. Let’s try to keep it real, eh?

I do, however want to buy a stainless steel road bike. 1100 grams?! That is lighter than a Pro Machine!


Be careful out there.


What does NSFW mean anyways?



So, when IS a lesbian NOT a lesbian? Besides on the “L” word…


I like buying my fancy chocolate HERE. Thanks for putting in the work and writing a decent blog Robin. Don’t worry about my vegan sensibilities. I can appreciate beautiful things, even if I am not interested in eating them myself.


2 comments for “Tight hamstrings. And brain hurts.”

  1. Nice blog today! – it pushed all my buttons!

    Yeah try the UK, you’d rock the London League!!! We could do with some Portland stylee to inject some life into our scene.

    That I.F. SSR, looks cool!

    Allez Hammond!

    Posted by chr15 | April 9, 2010, 1:44 am
  2. Was that some sort of divine inspiration or indeed intervention???

    OK not the win but 4th, that is 4th (i.e. one in front of fifth – Boonen)

    Hammond! Great call!

    Posted by chr15 | April 12, 2010, 5:51 am

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