Smoke monsters and Sea Otters. Table Rock and more.

I am just back from a great weekend in Southern Oregon. The Portland Bicycle Studio road team made the trip 5 hours south from Portland to race the Table Rock road race last Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend training in the beautiful Rogue River – Wolf Creek area.


The road race was a punchy – hilly loop. We ended up riding about 80 miles. Short, steep climbs. In the first lap our team mate Devin Zoller got in a 3 man break with Jason Riffle and those bastards stayed away for the better part of 70 miles. We caught them in the final lap on the lone 10 minute climb on the course. Devin and Jason were going backwards and covered in sweat. I patted Devin on the back as I rolled past: “need food? water?” nope. Good work Devin.

Rogue River ride.Kelly, Steven, Doug and myself had the pleasure of sitting in for most of the race. The climbs were steep enough that they hurt but, short enough that everyone could catch back on. There was even a 50+ mile section of the descent that had me off the back hoping no one’s tyres blew out.

Doug and Steven were our leaders for the day and they both got popped off the lead group of about a dozen guys as we caught the early break on the last long climb. I saw it all going down and rolled up to them and slapped them into shape. “hey, ease off a little” No f’ing way bitch! I am going to get you back onto the leaders if my life depends on it.

I got to cuss and spit a little bit as we spent 10 minutes chasing the leaders. It was just the 3 of us PBS riders and then a Sellwood VTTer caught us and added some strength to the chase.

We got there right at the bottom of the finishing climb, a steep 1k kicker. ouch.

I barked at my boys to move up and get in good position then, I pulled the plug as, I was cooked and could not see anyone behind us for at least a minute.

7th place for me. We got Steven into 3rd and Doug a solid 5th place. Go team!


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  1. 7th,5th,3rd… the mathematician in me sees that that series of numbers can only go one place!

    Cool race report!

    Posted by chr15 | April 23, 2010, 1:48 am

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