I’m not quite sure what the hell is going on in either of these videos:

And, I can’t come to terms with how much I like this video. So generic. So “done before”. Yet still I linger.



The dude filming the video below is STOKED! And kinda gross.

Shit, when I was ten and Leia was all imprisoned by Jabba the Hutt (I should add that before she was captured she broke into Jabba’s palace and threatened him personally with a thermal detonator!!) I could not come to terms with how awesome I thought it all was. Jabba sucked and Leia ruled. I pretty much wanted to be Leia and wrap my chains of oppression around the “man’s” big fat lizard neck, kill some anonymous mercenary bodyguards, shoot the main cannon into the deck of the only vehicle keeping me above and out of the Sarlac pit and then bail on the scene without a hair out of place.

And after watching the video below… I’m not quite sure what the hell I want to do with myself.

Move to LA and get involved in the entertainment industry? Apparently THAT will get me into some “prisoner Leia” garb.



Team Beer Wax On poster

And this went down a few weekends ago. D. Roth took all his hair off. yowza.

Appreciate how the man’s expression does not change from start to finish.

Cold blooded killer.


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