Loving cycling, loving my team boys. still like auto tune, sorry.

First, I’ve noticed a LOT of sick music coming from some awesome ladies. I hope the rest of Ms. Dynamite and Maya’s albums are as good as these singles!!

WTF, take me to the future!! It is like I am on Arrakis and high on Spice! And is not Katy B. a dead ringer for Sookie from True Blood?

Ok, hate on the electronic and the popiness of it all. Ms. Dynamite rocks like Major Lazer and that, I am feeling.


I love the culture I surround myself in.


I am also loving that I have a rest week and can find time to catch up on work, real life, do a bit of hanging out and enjoying of iced Americanos.

The Portland Bicycle Studio road team just participated in the Rapha Gentleman’s race yesterday. A 130 something mile gravel road heavy slog all over the coastal hills in Oregon. We had some guest muscle in the form of one Jason Riffle and the Miller Kid. I just did the driving, hauling bikes and gear to and from the event and finish. From all accounts, it was BRUTAL. Sager and Trebon schooled everyone, riding solo, dry heaving and finally collapsing at the finish, partaking on some Cobra Dogs + soda and telling me I should eat meat. jerks! (treboohoo, not Cobra dogs.)

My PBS guys were all pretty well shattered, I got to hear stories about pushing each other up hills, vomiting, passing out, cramping + close to a dozen flat tyres. Desperation. Sweat. and yes, maybe a few tears. Wives and girlfriends and babies and dogs were in attendance at the finish at Chris King co. I’m appreciative all of the things a family brings to the deal (of life!) Must feel pretty awesome to have what you love at the finish of a long day in the saddle.

The Cycling Tips blog put up an argument inciting post about the LBS (local bike shop) vs. Online retailing. Read it here. A decent read but, mostly depressing. Why the fuck would anyone want to own a small retail bike shop anymore. Almost makes no sense… yet, I still fight the good fight.

Speaking of small bike shops, one of the raddest of rads manages one. And passed this video on to me. Possibly one of my favorite videos of the year. Brilliant!!

Thanks NewAntarctica! PS: listening to the Queen discography right now. SO GOOD.


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  1. Taking considerable risk by commenting here, but the reality is that customers DO come into our shop with a Gnashbar catalog IN HAND, point to a component and demand that we price-match. The difference in margin is so ridiculous that of course, we can’t even come close without cutting off the nose to spite the face, as it were.

    Mail-order houses get away with sourcing tons of OEM parts in bulk for cheap, and also by paying their two or three warehouse guys minimum wage for pulling and shipping stuff all over the country.

    LBS’ like ours remain committed to hiring experienced staff who are conscientious about customer service; paying them a real living wage; and providing a truly humane work environment for them. On the rare occasions we’ve been asked to price-match a mail-order house and, if asked, we explain why we don’t, most customers understand — but more and more of them are walking out without buying anything. Last time this happened to me personally, the customer said, “I don’t care about your customer service, I want the cheapest parts I can get and I want you to install them for free because I bought them from you. Period. If you don’t give me that I’ll go someplace that will.” And I worry that eventually more and more LBS’s will cave to demands like these, thereby cheapening their own expertise and time in order to make whatever sale they can.

    I think we’ll see more of that sort of thing as you and I and other hardworking folks at LBS’s struggle to fight the good fight.

    Posted by beth h | August 16, 2010, 7:57 am

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