Cyclocross season cancelled!

Dude. Seriously. For me, yes. I am close to cracking and I can’t keep up this pace anymore.

I’ll consider it a big success if I can even find the time to show up and start more cyclocross races this fall, let alone try to have anything resembling good results this season. I’m at peace with it, sometimes real life takes priority. And, while I am usually good at balancing the multiple facets of my life and careers, this time, I am overwhelmed.

Crazy Mad Alchemy

I am spread so damn thin right now. What were well laid plans and preparation have been thrown to the wind when 2 of 3 of my friends/employees screwed me pretty good; leaving the Veloshop without notice, dumping 80 hours of wrench-time into my lap, timed precisely with the start of the insanity of cyclocross season and race travel kicking off; the renovation, move-across-town and build out of the Portland Bicycle Studio – Upper Echelon fitness training center in NW and the now time consuming interview and hiring processes of new high quality people for the Veloshop. It has been challenging times.

But, through all of the disappointment and insanity of the last month, so many shining stars.

Castelli USA has taken really good care of me this season and, before I try to start the necessary HUGE thank you list of sponsors, I wanted to point Castelli out. That’s why I’m racing in a Castelli skinsuit. I’ve not had 5 minutes to design my kit for this season! Crazy crazy busy times.

Here are some videos to get you caught up on my racing of late:

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Visit for more Videos


I guess the biggest thing to take from the last month is…

…that I need a haircut. Badly. So if someone shows up to a race (probably the only time anyone will catch me in one place for more than 2 minutes.) with scissors and some clippers, I would appreciate a faux-hawk. thank you.

only the best shoes for MC.I know my mantra over the years is “oh, waaah, I am SOOO busy”. But, this time is very different. Back to the old-school MC days, working 10 – 12 hour days in the Veloshop cranking the bike work out and not riding a bike all week. Yet, so much good change will come from this hiccup to the cyclocross season. The Veloshop has been badly in need of some positive energy and a higher level of professionalism.

I’m canceling some of my race – travel. Still heading to Japan for Halloween weekend but, I’ve got to stay home and take care of business. I’ll be in LA this weekend and after that, home until the new Veloshop guys get up to speed and work becomes manageable again.

I’ll be turning the pedals over in fucking anger this fall, as a bunch of people deserve a good ass kicking at my hands but, in lieu of doing that, I’ll just try to tear some legs off in the bicycle races.


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