Finding motivation.

I’m sitting indoors at PBS-UEF watching Paris-Nice on Versus. Fielding phone calls and text messages about results from the early season Oregon road series this (last Sunday) morning. I’m super proud! Really genuinely proud.

Which makes me reflect on where I am at right now. I’m trying to discover the drive again myself. Trying to find the motivation to pedal the bike. The anger is not in my belly. I am spread thin and throwing a leg over a bicycle has slid incredibly low on my priority list. Three months into the year and I’ve hardly been on a bicycle.

It is an interesting position for me and a sad song to keep singing. If you were to do a google search for “tired excuses and feeling sorry for your self” my website may likely come up as the primary result!

The best laid plans get thrown to the wind when you are a small business owner. I tire of saying this. Over the last hand full of years I’ve been lumped along with a bunch of other cyclocross riders as a “working-man’s racer”. A rider with a real job trying to compete with the World’s best talent. Sure, there is something noble about being the underdog yet, I wish things came a little bit easier once in a while. Instead of generally feeling like continuous uphill battles.

It may just be my lot in life. Or more likely just my style. Bite off way more than I can chew and strive for excellence.


I remember simpler times. My first year racing on the Vanilla bicycles cyclocross team. (Thanks for the reminder picAHTBM) Everything about cyclocross was new. Fresh. Real good times, I was learning the ropes, getting clobbered in races, traveling and figuring out what to do and NOT do.

A handful of years later, I’m trying to re-discover the fire that drove me to get my teeth kicked in by doped-up Euros year after year. I still love cycling. And I initially was able to strike a balance between riding and work. Then, as my businesses grew, racing took second priority. Now, three years into Portland Bicycle Studio; the selling of the custom bicycles is taking priority and riding is taking a back seat.

This said, the balance is coming back. I can feel it.

I am recently back from the NAHBS show in Austin. Check out these pictures I took!

And here I am… at PBS working late to get this damn blog post put up.


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  1. I’m busy kicking back hoping the fire will come back on it’s own, maybe when I feel suitably fat or feel the need to redress the imbalance of too much work and not enough fresh air.

    Glad you can feel it, but don’t force it!

    The Embro turned up the day before yesterday, awesome tingle that smells good too. Cheers! and thanks, to you and Amy.

    Posted by chr15 | March 10, 2011, 10:37 am

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