Who knew Willow Koerber was such a hippie?!

I did not.

But I love it. Her touchy-feely dialogues on her website echo my similar emotional sentiments without my self-aware approach. Deep down, secretly, I am a big hippie. I don’t have any crystals or anything. But, I hella feel things. And I approve of stripper heels. HELLA.

I can’t get enough of Hennie Kuiper’s Flickr page. The dude won Worlds, the Olympic road race, Flanders, Roubaix and more. Plus, he was a damn handsome man in that beautiful 70′s style. There are even race videos embedded into his photostream. Check it out.

And, you thought that cyclocross season was over? Well, it is. But, check out these photos from 2010 cyclocross nationals in Bend. Courtesy of Lincoln Barbour. You can probably spot your self in there.

Cyclocross season has just ended and all I can think about is cyclocross season. I’m staring at a BEAUTIFUL 3D CAD drawing of a yet to be released, brand new tubular mud tread design. No, I can’t share it with you yet. This one is confidential. But, I will say this… this tyre is on a hunting “safari”. If you catch my meaning.

And, reading up on all the news about PRO cyclocross team transfers: Jeremy Powers to Rapha-Focus, Ryan Trebon moving to Felt bicycles. This kind of news gets me motivated! That and having phone calls with a couple of my 2011 sponsors yesterday. They want to re-up and grow the program!

It has not stopped raining in Portland since last October and it is perfect cyclocross weather right now. Perfect.

This little interview with a local cyclist and co-founder of Substance and this video interview with local sweetheart Mr. Joe Staples provides some solid wet-weather inspiration.


Remember the time I was in Santa Cruz this winter and was having a good discussion over burritos with a Santa Cruz local frame builder about frame builders and I had no idea the guy was a framebuilder?!

Brilliant! Foot was not quite inserted into mouth but, looking back, it was pretty damn funny. And now this:

Nice work Todd, your booth at NAHBS was sweet, your bikes look great!


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