Cyclocross crushing out. So much love for cyclocross.

Let’s start with this: a March (yes, MARCH!) cyclocross race near Tokyo. I have no idea what is going on, if it is a small training race series or if it is a school race. Any of my Japanese pals want to comment and let me know?

Seriously, the Keirin school style helmet covers and the whole race scene is cool to take in. I mean, the dude doing the pre-race nervous stem bolt adjustment then his expression when it breaks: “oh!”. Priceless! This is bike racing at its most pure, a bunch of people just out there doing embarrassing shit and enjoying themselves. (and cans Suntory Boss coffee from a vending machine)

The rest of 桜高競輪部 videos are pretty good too, good insight to a Japanese approach to cycling and racing.

Speaking of Japan. Check out Hikaru Kosaka’s blog. There are a handful of photos in there that will blow your mind. The dude is ripped and flaunts it. We raced cyclocross together at Nobeyama last November and I am looking forward to racing again together next fall.

I recognize a whole bunch of guys in the video below from the Nobeyama race. Daisuke is doing his thing and the whole crew I met last year are in this video. Pretty classic. This looks like a video compilation of the Kansai cyclocross series which is all over Japan. You can see a bunch of the different race venues in the video.

And, finally. Moving back to the US, check out my buddy Greg doing his thing in this video. Pretty rad to see what the Coloradans will do to help a brother out. The Oregon CX racing scene is amazing but, I’d love to see more “Wednesday night worlds” style races and more organized group rides and skills training sessions. Unless it has a Rapha stamp on it (or they are getting free stuff for showing up), I’ll be damned if an organized bunch of Portland area riders would get together to ride laps in a park while some dudes shoot videos to help a friend get cyclocross mainstream exposure. That is building cyclocross, that is cyclocross love.

That is pretty rad, your scene has heart Greg.



3 comments for “Cyclocross crushing out. So much love for cyclocross.”

  1. Molly you build it and they will come! I would drive fifty miles after a ten hour work day to ride/race with you and others like you, too spread me some cyclocross love!

    Posted by Guy Smith | April 2, 2011, 7:47 pm
  2. freak…

    Posted by al | April 3, 2011, 9:37 am
  3. I think if some of the leaders of the Portland ‘cross scene started promoting some weeknight training/summer-sesh style rides/races, there would certainly be a body of interested, motivated individuals who would certainly make it an event.

    Posted by Hayes | April 7, 2011, 9:50 pm

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