I have a few windows, with dozens of tabs open, in my browser.

Does that make me productive or counter-productive?

I stopped reading my Google Reader account. I was trying to follow and keep up with so much cycling, art and music culture I had thousands of new things to read in my inbox daily!

Too much. Too much. Too much culture. Still trying to wrap my head around making technology a part of my life without it overwhelming me and becoming my life.

But, then I miss out on things like THIS! I miss Dr. Doom. Good times had with Doom. He continues to keep it real. If you have a hankering for wanderlust follow his blog.

Check out Rerun pulling the slow-mo move about 1:05 in. Completely INSANE!

I should give a shout-out/congrats to a long time sponsor, ENVE composites.

They dropped their SMART ENVE WHEEL SYSTEM about a month ago.

Can Aero get any faster? Looks like it can.

This is a long time coming for ENVE. A good-hearted little company with an incredibly solid product. They have been supporting me for a long, long time. My oldest sponsor? Yes, I think so.

This is a big step for ENVE, jumping into the Aero wheel market and competing head to head with the likes of Zipp and Hed. This should be an exciting next couple of years for them. Like I said, their product is now proven, reliable and high performance. They are going to continue to kill it.

Everyone keeps asking if I have the SMART wheels when I am seen on my ENVE clinchers. No, they are not. Don’t think we will see Jonathan Page out there crushing the euro cx scene on the SMART wheels anytime soon. Aerodynamics play a much smaller part in CX. But, the way ENVE builds a product, their aero wheels will be durable enough for all types of racing.

Speaking of cyclocross:

We are already getting client requests for CX clinics. It is June. And, it has barely gotten warmer than the high 50s in Portland, still raining every day. We have better CX weather in the spring than the fall!

That said, I should go do some intervals. In the rain.


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