2nd place is the first loser

2nd place is the first loser.

Raced the Oregon state points race championship at the velodrome last Sunday. Mikkel Bossen, Walker Starr and I lapped the field right off the bat. Walker is a damn good sprinter. I got beat fair and square. 150 laps, pretty long, pretty hot. Got a rubdown from Molly Carlson afterwards.

After the points race we went up to Patrick’s fancy ass condo in the Pearl district. Had a little team planning meeting about our first cross race. It went really, really well. There is lots of new talent coming into the team this year and the first Veloshop race EVER is going to go flawlessly. Patrick has been amazing, he is super enthusiastic, and responsible. Doing a killer job of handling the race prep.

I tricked a lady friend into meeting me later, we wandered around and had a serious conversation in the grocery store. I’m pretty pissed off about some stuff. She was a really good listener and had some eloquent insight. Mmmmm. No more drama, lots more racing.

What am I listening to? Gary Numan. ’79-81. Did I mention I spent 12 hours in the shop on Saturday? Yep, rebuilding Ethan’s Francisco Moser. It is so, so sweet. A pleasure to work on.

Well, I am going to get our Veloshop uniform order together and, meet with a sponsor tomorrow morning after a few hours on the bike. Wish me luck.


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  1. Good luck in the modderland, Molly. Maybe you can auction some mud to help Shriver get there…

    Posted by Kevin Watson | December 8, 2008, 7:02 pm

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