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Have some empathy?

140 characters is not enough to respond to an offensive exchange I got roped into on Twitter. Normally, I ignore the peanut gallery on Twitter and other internet forums, etc. The internet allows people to spout off like idiots. I don’t care to get roped into arguments with “with white dudes on the internet“. My […]

I have a few windows, with dozens of tabs open, in my browser.

Does that make me productive or counter-productive? I stopped reading my Google Reader account. I was trying to follow and keep up with so much cycling, art and music culture I had thousands of new things to read in my inbox daily! Too much. Too much. Too much culture. Still trying to wrap my head […]

“damn it, up date your web site once in a while”

Ok, thanks I will. My buddy Jacob won a bike race in Uraguay. My friend Chris is still building some great bicycles: And damn it, worst news of the week. R.I.P. Poly Styrene

Cyclocross crushing out. So much love for cyclocross.

Let’s start with this: a March (yes, MARCH!) cyclocross race near Tokyo. I have no idea what is going on, if it is a small training race series or if it is a school race. Any of my Japanese pals want to comment and let me know? Seriously, the Keirin school style helmet covers and […]

Who knew Willow Koerber was such a hippie?!

I did not. But I love it. Her touchy-feely dialogues on her website echo my similar emotional sentiments without my self-aware approach. Deep down, secretly, I am a big hippie. I don’t have any crystals or anything. But, I hella feel things. And I approve of stripper heels. HELLA. I can’t get enough of Hennie […]

Finding motivation.

I’m sitting indoors at PBS-UEF watching Paris-Nice on Versus. Fielding phone calls and text messages about results from the early season Oregon road series this (last Sunday) morning. I’m super proud! Really genuinely proud. Which makes me reflect on where I am at right now. I’m trying to discover the drive again myself. Trying to […]

I love a good papertowel test.

For serious, you need to get into a pair of these Castelli nanoflex leg warmers. They are awesome. I’ve been using them since last summer (it rains a lot in Portland) and, they completely rule. The double gripper on the inside and outside of the thigh-band is a nice touch. I strongly encourage the use […]


I really need to make some time to do some writing. I have a lot of people to thank for a lot of things in 2010. For now, I’ll leave you with this:

Living in Portland. Coming and going.

I wake up suddenly on most mornings at about 4 or 5am. A couple hours before my alarm and, typically a few hours before I actually get out of bed. (And right about when the Condor gets out of bed and heads to work.) This happens often when there is a lot on my mind. […]

Wrapping up an amazing fall day in Portland.

Whew! I’m back and, I have no idea where to begin. Life has been such a whirlwind and, I am thinking about a lot of stuff. There always is a lot on my mind, work, cycling, work, racing, work. Work. I lead a charmed life. Truly. I really need to catch up and take a […]