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the dot dot K

This is a pretty sweet little story. I’m in love with this saddle. For me, Fizik attained Chris King like “covet” status when I discovered their saddles in the late nineties. They were fresh and appeared to be doing something different than the other “selle” brands. I’m still in love with the Arione and Antares […]

Red Herring:

(been a crazy few weeks. getting back on the bike in a real way and work is keeping me too busy as usual. meant to write this weeks ago and now my coach and dozens of others have weighed in too. redundant to write this, I know. But, it was already started so, I’ll finish.) […]

so much culture. this is real life. i thank you.

Hit play on this music video while you read this update! - Fell in love with this design this morning. Thank you Arch Daily blog. - DAMN YOU CASTELLI! These rain jackets are off the hook! Look at their post here. The folks at Castelli USA HQ have been talking about putting on their own […]

Smoke monsters and Sea Otters. Table Rock and more.

I am just back from a great weekend in Southern Oregon. The Portland Bicycle Studio road team made the trip 5 hours south from Portland to race the Table Rock road race last Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend training in the beautiful Rogue River - Wolf Creek area. - The road race […]

Hennie + Kano + Wiley

A few videos for you: - -

I thanks to enjoy your bicycle life.

Thanks Kyle Valenta for the heads up on this band. I don’t get out so much anymore and keeping up with new music is challenging. - Simon is a british bastard with a loud INTERNET PRESENCE. But damn it if I don’t LOVE keirin racing myself… And Japanese documentary videos about keirin racing. Take some […]

So much love for cyclocross:

Been sitting on this video: 2009 Chicago Cyclocross Cup from Heather Jurewicz on Vimeo. Brilliant!!

Social Media Saturday.

60 and sunny here in Portland. And I am forcing my self to stay inside of Sweetpea Bakery, NOT eat any doughnut and commit to working on my computer till I get a LOT of business caught up on. Answering emails and taking care of PBS clients is the first priority. Then a creative and […]

I’m speachless, mainly because I’ve lost my voice with this cold.

And I am feeling the 1960′s right now so watch these choice videos. I don’t have a lot of history with Tom Jones. But the man has a decent pair of pipes. “She’s a lady” is more my style but I could not find a decent video of it. Enjoy this and avoid the Lolitas […]

Things you should watch:

First: you should know that Dolphins are just about as smart as you. Well, smarter than most bike racers really. This video is evidence. Circle your prey, cause it to freak out, and jump into your trap. Pretty much my racing style. - We all know Jens is hard. So hard that he needs to […]