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It is not about unwritten gentlemanly rules.

It is about respect. Respect for your competitors and particularly your rivals. Respecting them with your actions to say: “I know you have prepared as long and hard for this as I have, I’m not going to take this cheap advantage of you. I want to beat you fairly.” …unless you enjoy playing the role […]

the dot dot K

This is a pretty sweet little story. I’m in love with this saddle. For me, Fizik attained Chris King like “covet” status when I discovered their saddles in the late nineties. They were fresh and appeared to be doing something different than the other “selle” brands. I’m still in love with the Arione and Antares […]

Red Herring:

(been a crazy few weeks. getting back on the bike in a real way and work is keeping me too busy as usual. meant to write this weeks ago and now my coach and dozens of others have weighed in too. redundant to write this, I know. But, it was already started so, I’ll finish.) […]

I woke up this morning dreaming about Belgium.

I really want to go back over and race my bike this season. (possibly because it has been cold and raining for the last 6 months straight, reminds me of Europe.) There is something addictive about riding against the best in the world. I know these are not races I will win. I know these […]

Video dump! Keep it wetwet Portland!

- - - - A: La Marzocco has a blog. B: Crema Cycles is featured in it! Click on over to read more!

I was just featured in two local papers!

Lots of media dropping! This is old news for Portland locals: I was in the Portland Mercury and the Willamette Week local papers last week! Here is a link to the Portland Mercury article. Written by one Sarah Mirk, I like her writing. Check out some of her other articles. And, an article where I […]

Having one of those weeks!

A rest week turns into a busy-as-hell week. When I started Portland Bicycle Studio, the idea was to free up time so I could train with a little more structure. It has turned into quite the opposite. I am busier than ever. And have no time to ride at all! The best laid plans. Dear […]

so much culture. this is real life. i thank you.

Hit play on this music video while you read this update! - Fell in love with this design this morning. Thank you Arch Daily blog. - DAMN YOU CASTELLI! These rain jackets are off the hook! Look at their post here. The folks at Castelli USA HQ have been talking about putting on their own […]

“I just want to fucking shred.”

I just read some emails from two frame builders I truly respect. (I mean that.) “Bikes aren’t art to me. They are vehicles for beating the crap out of myself and others.” and “I just want to get on my mountain bike and fucking shred. I don’t want to think about branding, culture, cross marketing […]

GENDER+his(her)story. (and more Kano)

“Look. Yo!” (first line in one of my favorite Gorillaz songs) - - So, I am really struggling here. I need to write an “introduction” to Molly Cameron for sponsorship proposals and press releases. I loathe writing about my self. It is sooo hard. (I can already see the comments pouring in “and… you write […]