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Well… I forgot about this guy.

Until getting a few emails this morning with this picture and some amusing captions. I mostly want to say: fuck all those other dudes on Flaminia for even being able to stand next to Ricco, besides letting him be the center of attention. What a tool. Complete douchery.

Roubaix and Dugast rot.

These videos are worth the twenty minutes of your life: (if you like cyclocross) - I love the way Stybar races. Aggressive, punchy and fighty the whole way. When he is on, he just looks like he is having a blast on the course. And good ol skinny bones throwing down the late surge. When […]

I appreciate the photographers!

Got these in my inbox last week: The one on the right from Chris Milliman. He sure knows how to capture the Embrocation sheen. And, a few from Joe Sales, future fan cards here?

Going into tomorrow like it is my last.

I’m starting the 30+ age group category tomorrow. This represents my attitude, guns blazing, no prisoners. The age group race was not a priority this season and I was not planning on entering it until I realized I did not have enough $ to head over to Belgium this December. There are a lot of […]

What to do in Bend during Cyclocross Nationals?

Lots to do. Check out the Visit Bend website: HERE. Wednesday night - Trebon vs. Craig Thursday night - Marcel Russenberger, Bart Bowen and Molly Cameron at Jackson’s corner @ 7pm. This is assuming you are doing an easy spin with some openers like your coach told you to in the morning before putting the […]

I protest. Shoes.

Ok, I heart me some Matt Pacocha but, I completely disagree with this statement: “We’ve told you — and if you’ve tried it, you know — that Shimano’s top-of-the line $380 M310 mountain bike shoe isn’t a good option for cyclocross. It’s too stiff and its minimalist sole is just too slippery if you miss […]


Thanks for all the kind sentiments this last week. I’m completely blown away. I’m no hero. Seriously and deeply, I’m feeling the love and hell, trying my hardest to stay motivated to rip some legs off at the USGP finals here in Portland and Nationals in Bend. I won’t lie, I’ve been waking up in […]


Oh man! I had the legs, I had the momentum! And it ended face down in the mud. I am heartbroken. Completely shattered that it ended like that. I hit the deck hard. (oh what I would not give to have the Cross Crusade races finish with a 200meter road section, like every other cyclocross […]

Quickie: Cross Crusade #7 PIR - FAIL!

Damn, I started off well but, I think this succession of bummer weeks and real life BS caught up with me a few laps in. - Velonews report here.

Double race weekend over. BS week threat alert: high!

I think in retaliation for Dr. Thompson getting convicted and sentenced for his brutal crime, the drivers and cops of the world felt the need to retaliate on me! Geez, it is barely dusk and I literally had a guy chase me down the street yelling about not having lights on my bike! Every 3rd […]