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So much love for cyclocross:

Been sitting on this video: 2009 Chicago Cyclocross Cup from Heather Jurewicz on Vimeo. Brilliant!!

The importance of being proper:

There is no Sauvie’s Island in Oregon. I’m just saying. There is not. There is also no “W” in Amy Dombroski’s name. There is not. There is so much to be said about respecting somethings. And paying f’ing attention. So, when we go for a ride sometime soon and you suggest doing the: “Sauvie’s Island […]

Frame builders… and some other assorted assholeness.

I need to start somewhere! …I start with a review, en français, of one of my current favorite sci-fi writer’s books. Take note, this is such a painfully euro kitchen. Dude probably does not even have a refrigerator… as he also probably does not have any heat in his flat as everything stays at a […]

Social Media Saturday.

60 and sunny here in Portland. And I am forcing my self to stay inside of Sweetpea Bakery, NOT eat any doughnut and commit to working on my computer till I get a LOT of business caught up on. Answering emails and taking care of PBS clients is the first priority. Then a creative and […]

Everyone is going to Adnan Kadir’s training camp!!

I’m such a tool for the late post and this is happening NEXT MONTH! March 24th - 27th. My pal (though NOT my coach, he still gets the MC stamp of approval) Adnan Kadir is hosting an excellent training camp next month. - Aeolus Endurance Sport Marin Camp 2010 is in in its 4th year. […]

An excellent weekend. During the week.

I went up to Seattle for a couple days to help a pal last Wednesday. I met up with old pals and new, then spent Thursday evening playing video games with my little brothers and dad. I dialed in their bicycles and went for a little shred around the neighborhood with them. The trip was […]

Things you should watch:

First: you should know that Dolphins are just about as smart as you. Well, smarter than most bike racers really. This video is evidence. Circle your prey, cause it to freak out, and jump into your trap. Pretty much my racing style. - We all know Jens is hard. So hard that he needs to […]

Not gang of four.

I’m in a fight with a pal this evening and here is my make-up attempt: Wild Palms from felix buckley on Vimeo. I don’t know, maybe this music may backfire and could very well break us up forever but, I don’t think so. It is hard to find solid bands. I really like a lot […]

All I want for christmas:

Is one of these jerseys. In small, please. I would even take it sleeveless. - What the hell?! British Cyclocross 2010 national championship postponed due to snow! I enjoyed this article. But, I’m not sure that Percy Stallard was ever a World Champion… of anything. Any Brits care to clarify? - I am a fan […]

New Years media dump!

Everything in this BUILD LLC post is brilliant. I was going to write up something about the favela and slum photos but, you should just follow the links to the original source. - Memorials. This is the memorial to fallen cyclists. - - This is cute. Ah, I remember the days of steel. And being […]