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Oregon cyclocross season. Officially started.

I need to do a real post. No more of this Twitting and Tweeting. I need to let out more than “fah che” book. - I seem to do this every year. Win one smaller local race. Then crash myself out and break some bones at another local race. Luckily this year, I did not […]

A couple more awesome sponsors lined up today!

That is always a great way to start your week. Well that and then freaking out that you have not seen all the rest of your equipment and the first cx races are mere weeks away. - Thanks for the video heads up Booooooom. Combines a few of my favorite things: skateboarding, architecture and film: […]

FMB tubulars. Challenge treads. Dugast Rhinos.

I had a tyre sponsor for cx all summer long. And then suddenly, I don’t have a tyre sponsor anymore! Not many details to be had. Business is business. And business is good! I like to take the positive out of most situations. And the exciting thing now is that I’ll be able to ride […]

Top secret glance at my new cx kit:

Thanks for the digital tip Dean. I love me some acrobatic cycling. And I love how, after the Germans obviously nail their routine, the crews roll the goal net out for the cycle-ball competition. efficient. Tarck bike kids eat your hearts out. Backwards-no handed-wheelie with someone standing on your shoulders.

Cyclocross clinics: beginning next Tuesday!

Holy crap! You read that right, next Tuesday. Upper Echelon fitness and Portland Bicycle Studio are hosting private Cyclocross clinics every Tuesday evening into October. Get started right with a solid skills foundation and expert instruction. Russell is handling the logistics, if you would like to register, visit the Upper Echelon Fitness website. Class size […]

The lightness of being… race free.

“why are’nt you racing tonight?” Clearly, I’m training for cx… can’t you tell? Geez! (Thanks Yakima for the veggie dawg!) I sometimes feel a little guilty for showing up to watch some racing and not actually racing. The promoter scowls at me, industry types heckle me for being so PRO and too disaffected to even […]

I ramp up for cx. You ramp up for cx.

Greg is f’ing stoked on his new Ridley X-Night frames. Take a look: HERE - Just wrapped up a nice rest week, catching up on lots of work. Enjoying splitting time between my Speedvagen cx bike, BMC Pro Machine and a Ridley X-Fire from Portland Bicycle Studio. It is pretty fun to cx over between […]

I rode stuff on my cx bike I've never cleared on my VTT.

Houffalize World Cup 2009 from Mountain Bike Rider on Vimeo. Mountain biking is still rad. (video heads up courtesy Ken Bloomer)

Thinking of Belgium:

This video made my day: Video via Joe Parkin. I’ve been keeping tabs. The odds on Niels Albert are not so good on the road but, he is still winning races. And finding his way sheepishly to dopingcontrole. VDB is up in there too, looking like a regional masters racer! (Photos: Roland Desmet) Summer is […]

Training vs. talent?

“you are training for cx already?!” Lets start with this image. Last cyclocross season I got to race the World Cup in Zolder, Belgium. I was gassed. Throttled. Worthless. I had been riding so poorly and I was exhausted and barely holding on to what mediocre fitness I had left. The day before the world […]