a day off to fight a cold xmas day

A day off to fight a cold. Xmas day.

IMGP0761.JPGVerge!Ugh. Sounds like most of the cx camp is sick and I’m certainly fighting something too.

Went on a sweet ride with Joachim Parbo. All around Tielt, Tiennen area—>

I picked up Ryan Verge from the airport pretty early. He has been busy re building my bikes. After nationals and the last 2 Belgian races, they needed some love.IMGP0769.JPG

IMGP0775.JPGIn the evening Brian, Ryan, Joachim and I drove out to Leuven and wandered around the vacant xmas day streets. We wandered. And froze. And found a vegetarian restaurant. Baby jesus was safe in his manger at the foot of the big church.

IMGP0771.JPGThe architecture is amazing. The coffee.IMGP0773.JPG


I am sorry Belgium, Portland has made me a coffee snob.



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  1. Bad coffee is reason enouph not to become TheBelgiumSuperCyclocrossyWorldChampion………..
    What would life be like without “hairbender”?

    Posted by matt hall | December 26, 2006, 11:50 am
  2. Thanks for the blog! Katerina and I were at World Cup in Hofstada yesterday. We go every year since it´s a 15 km ride from the house. It was typical for the venue - very fast racing and a huge crowd - the biggest we´ve seen. There could have been 25,000 fans there. The two jumbo-trons made it fantastic. I saw Eric right after the race and he was on his way to the hospital after a crash in the final lap. He looked a bit aggravated as he grabbed at his helmet and said he´d hit his head in his fall. When you see Eric let him know we´re hoping there´s no repercussions from the head bonk. Sorry to miss you. We might make another race. Get better quick and enjoy the racing!

    Posted by Nathan Spear | December 27, 2006, 2:52 am

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