alpenrose velodrome challenge

Alpenrose Velodrome challenge!


Spent last night recovering at Markwelder’s house watching a successfull frenchy breakaway in Le Tour de France, nursing tight hips and a very large burrito. He and I raced the 100 lap points race at the Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge on Sunday. It went pretty well though, we both felt like we had nothing during the race. No snap. No crackle. Pop!

I was in it to win it. And got out gunned pretty handily by Mike McCorkell. A scrappy Adam Curry and I sucked it up and fought over the scraps.

I got 3rd. 2 years in a row…

Mark worked well for me, blocking like a maniac while I was suffering through taking a lap with McCorkell, Bossen and co. I made a couple mistakes in the race which were due more to nerves than inexperience. My stomach was all in knots and I just sat on the front and watched Mike roll away to take the first lap out of us. Then as we were taking the 2nd lap out of the field I dangled off the pack a little but, the chief ref did not see what I was doing and counted me in the main pack. I was trying to nab at least 1 set of points from behind the pack. So then I had to jump back into the field after a wasted tactic. I kept wanting to keep the pace high and found myself shooting off the front of the field for no good reason and sitting back up to wait for them. No one was feeling frisky, and once McCorkell had a good points buffer he had no real reason to get all scrappy with me either.
Still, good job for the Veloshop. Got on the podium and walked away with a bunch of cash.

Tonight, the first race in the Portland Racing short track series!


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  1. Just out of curiosity, how do you like that Ganwell?

    Posted by Peter | July 20, 2006, 7:59 pm

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