back in herselt pre xmas pre zolder

Back in Herselt. Pre - xmas, pre - Zolder?

So, I’m still waiting to hear if I can race the Zolder World cup this Friday.

It is all of 20k away from where I am staying and it would be amazing to start.


The pope is saying some ridiculous shit. People are outraged.

We did a small ride today and ended the evening with Paul Herijgers. Holy shit. This guy is a legend. It was like sitting around with a 1970′s era Eddy Merckx but, live in the flesh.

He just oozed class and cyclocross.


Got a phone call from Richard from Dugast. Bragging about Richard Groenendaal running 0.9 bar on 34mm. That is f’ing amazing. “Not even on Rhinos.” Yeah, typhoons. Shit.

We drove back from the Nommay world cup, got in pretty late and stayed up until 2am watching the race on Television.

Those guys are F A S T.

I’m going to work on uploading the latest batch of photos and videos.

We are watching the Miss Belgium pageant. That should tell you something about our house.


So, I’ve heard that one of the other US rider’s bikes are missing and that is what my participation in the World Cup hinges on this Friday. I’m not wishing too hard one way or the other, I’m just prepared to race.


So much stuff has been happening and it has been a whirlwind. I decided to stand up Bart Wellens this morning. I was too tired! We were scheduled to meet up with the Fidea team for a ride and we bailed. I know it sounds crazy but, I really needed to have a day at home. I’ve been running around full gas since I landed.

I’m sick of driving. I just need one day without it.

Ok. TV and writing. Steven is enjoying a Duvel. I’ve had to explain being a vegan about 10 times today.


We have been invited over to Peter and Stijn’s mom’s house for the holiday dinner tomorrow. Which will be just as awesome as going back to any of your relatives houses for the holiday. Add some cigarettes. And then some more.

This place is so Euro it hurts. Like so Euro it is Euro.


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  1. Molly,
    Read your blog a couple of times a week for the ‘cross love. Please Keep the Euro reports coming to us who are ‘crossed starved now that the U.S. off-season has started. Missed you in Ohio this year when you had the wierd infection thing, and was glad to see you back racing well at the Louisville USGP. Hope you can make it next year for the Ohio triple.
    You might be interested in a more balanced account of Benedict XVI’s talk than the one you linked to in the blog; here.

    Posted by Doug | December 23, 2008, 9:13 pm

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