Staying relevant.

I flew out to Wisconsin last week to race the USGP of Cyclocross opening weekend. And I got trounced. A few more weeks of racing into shape I think. A few more weeks of utter hurt. Been a long time since I’ve ridden so poorly in the mud. sad face.

Ryan was dominant on Saturday and solid on Sunday behind the Belgian Wellens and a late charging Jonathan Page. I appreciated his comment (about 1:45 in) about “…working hard to keep yourself relevant”.

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Bary Wicks comments on the early season head games we play with ourselves: “…people get so amped for the start of cyclocross season… its hard to come into it not at the top of your game…”

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Obviously, I was not really stoked about my race Sunday. What are typically my favorite conditions turned into a complete suck fest on the bike for me. No power, no speed and no technique. It was like I had never ridden in mud before!

I am struggling a little bit with not racing at a high level right now. Trying not to let it get to me. I know that my fitness will turn around in a few more weeks but, damn it is hard to watch the racing ride away from me and not even be able to put in a good chase.

What the hell have I been up to:

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dolla dolla billz yall.

(wrote earlier last week)
Just got done with a solid week/long weekend of racing. Read: hanging on for dear life! I’m getting beat up out there! Hard not to let it get to you that you are riding with zero form, rough technique and mediocre leg speed.

This is what racing into shape feels like apparently.

I worked really, really hard to salvage a 2nd place last Sunday in Hood River. I finished behind my team mate Brett who was dominant. Must ruminate on how awesome my team is racing right now soon too.

…CrossVegas, went well enough. Had one speed, pedaled steady and did not lose positions throughout the race. That event is a bit of a cluster-F. You race into the top-20, that is cool, you just finish on the same lap? Well, that is pretty cool too.


Moving forward, I’m sitting in Waunakee, Wisconsin awaiting my ride to pick me up and take me out to day 2 of the USGP of Cyclocross in Sun Prairie. Yesterday went ok. Definitely not feeling speedy but again managed not to get lapped and raced well enough. No crashy crashes or anything. It was wet but drying up as the race went on. F A S T and bumpy.

There is a lot to write about the race, the course, the actual racing and hanging out with friends. Lots of them! So many friendly faces out here in Wisconsin. The Curtes brothers, the My Wife inc. crew, the promoters, and all of the mid-west area teams and posses. The heckling on the run/ride up was world-class. Bart Wellens and all the Euros are here in force.

Plenty of fast guys that don’t know how to drive their bicycles yesterday. I’m all for bumping elbows but, geez. Knocking people over does not make you fast. Just makes you annoying.

Today looks to be a complete mudder.

The real question is: do I wear my long sleeve white skinsuit or, my long sleeve white skinsuit?

Lazer Vision Eyewear preview!

You may get to see this at Interbike! And, if you are not going to Interbike check it out, my rep brought by a bunch of Lazer Vision eyewear. It is good looking gear. Some single lens styles and a few exchangeable lens styles. And, thankfully my personal favorite: BALLER WHITE WITH CLEAR LENSES. Cause I always wear glasses when I race CX.

I just do.

And, hell yes they fit into your Lazer helmet! PRO style!


Lazer Vision eyewear

Lazer Vision eyewear

Lazer Vision eyewear

Lazer Vision eyewear

Lazer Vision eyewear

Lazer Vision eyewear

Lazer Vision eyewear

Lazer Vision eyewear

Lazer Vision eyewear

Lazer Vision eyewear

Lazer Vision eyewear

Lazer Vision eyewear

Lazer Vision eyewear

Lazer Vision eyewear

Zanconato custom cyclocross chainrings.

These just landed. They are beautiful. I’ll write more once I get them installed onto my cyclocross bike.

Custom made, custom machined and designed. So much attention to detail.

To fit Campagnolo CT, Campagnolo ST, 110 mm, and 130 mm Bolt Cirlces!

Available combinations:
Campagnolo CT – 36/42, 36/44, 38/44, 38/ 46
Campagnolo ST – 39/44, 39/46
110 mm BCD – 36/42, 36/44, 38/44, 38/ 46
130 mm BCD – 38/44, 38/46

CNC machined in Utah from 7075-T6 Aluminum
Hard anodized and PTFE coated for ultra-long wear
Designed as close to OEM specifications for incredible ease of assembly
Outers are pinned and ramped for smooth shifting under load
Shift areas on outer are spread out for more pick-up points
Inners are available with standard holes or threading for use with custom bolt kit

Shoot me an email if you are interested in ordering up a set! Availability will be limited and, these were well worth the wait!

Zanconato custom chainrings

Zanconato custom chainrings

Zanconato custom chainrings

Zanconato custom chainrings

Raced a bike for the first time in months last weekend!

And it went about as well as I expected. I had one speed. Kinda fast but, not particularly very, very fast.

Last week I wrapped up my final big block of training miles for cx season. And this week was a “rest” week. Putting that in quotes cause I did very little resting. c’est la vie, ma vida loca, etc, etc.

There was so much amazing that happened this week, and I am just now catching a breather and able to sit down and write a little bit out.

CHECK OUT MY NEW KIT!! Press release coming right up!! Just in time for CX Vegas!!

Some more links to photos from the first GPMC race of the year:

Molly Cameron

Molly chasing



Whoa. Looks like Flickr just automatically puts them up on the site. Weird. I had just listed text-links for you to click on… well, that is rad.

Anyways, a million things to do: write up a press release, change the sponsors on my website, do some crunches.

CX Vegas is next Wednesday and it is going to hurt, like really really really hurt. I’ve got no speed in these legs yet.

Make sure to plan on coming out to dinner after the race with me! 11pm next Wednesday in Vegas! More details TBA!

Have some empathy?

140 characters is not enough to respond to an offensive exchange I got roped into on Twitter. Normally, I ignore the peanut gallery on Twitter and other internet forums, etc. The internet allows people to spout off like idiots. I don’t care to get roped into arguments with “with white dudes on the internet“.

My pal Adam (pro cyclist, coach) re-tweeted this video (from Boston his home), some one else had originally posted to Twitter with the comment: “critical mass: like a guy beating his wife to get her respect. they’re not cyclists; they’re morons.

While offensive, I completely agree with the sentiment. Taking over a busy intersection and riding in a way that no cyclist would ever do regularly without being caught up in the mob mentality + breaking very basic rules of the road? What the fuck is the point of creating a traffic jam with bicycles?! To demonstrate that bicycles, just like cars, can create a traffic jam? That bicycles can frustrate and piss people off just like cars can?

There is a point to Critical Mass. I’m not claiming to be in a position to define it. When I regularly participated in Critical Mass in the late 90′s in San Francisco, it was an urgent, organic, action. 15 years ago, there was shitty bicycle infrastructure, minimal bike lanes and cyclists did not have a voice. We broke laws, ran lights, blocked intersections. Got our bikes run over, got in fights with drivers, got beat up by the police. I was part of a crew of riders that led Critical Mass up and onto the Bay Bridge (which ended up with a bunch of people getting arrested and pummeled by the cops). I participated in Critical Mass for years in the Bay Area, NYC, Los Angeles and finally in Portland, Oregon.

Critical Mass means a lot of things to a lot of different people. I don’t agree with all of them.

Now, someone on Twitter wants to press the issue, there are some exchanges between them, Adam and I. With Adam and I saying basically the same thing.

That we do not condone shitty, dangerous, illegal and inconsiderate behavior on the roads from cyclists and drivers alike. Both are bad, dangerous and not productive. Critical Mass, club rides, unsanctioned races, group rides, whatever. If you are breaking laws and riding dangerously, that sucks. It gives all cyclists a bad reputation and does nothing to help improve the perception of bicycles. Riding in circles blocking an intersection during Critical Mass is moronic, while fun and empowering (I’ve done it myself), not a single driver stuck in traffic behind that is thinking positive thoughts about bicyclists. It is just not productive. Sure, keep telling yourself it fosters cycling community, and ignore how many enemies your are making with the people you really need to foster community with: non-cyclists.

The final straw for me was the response: “bike/ped commuters die more than 10/day in US. Reaction manifests in crit mass & other ways. Have empathy.”

Have fucking empathy?

I’ve had people who were friends, lovers, co-workers, team-mates and countless acquaintances killed while cycling. By cars. Killed by cars hitting them. They are dead. I’ll never hear their voices, never hold their hands, never see them smile again.

When I was a bike messenger, I saw, with my own fucking eyes, a bike commuter crushed by a semi in downtown San Francisco making a wide right hand turn. I heard her scream before she died. (the driver was devastated, he was just doing his job, driving slow and safe, used his signals and was obeying the law %100, the cyclist was not paying attention and tried to pass on the right, I saw it with my own eyes)

I watched as a car hit and plowed over a commuter right in front of my bike shop here in Portland. Crushed.

Nothing I could do to save any of my friends, any of those people I’ve seen die.

What did I do after they died? Did I go to Critical Mass? No. I went to their memorials, I went to their fucking funerals. I consoled their partners and friends.

And you want to spout statistics at me? You want to assume that I do not have empathy? That I have no experience with Critical Mass, with protests, with activism and with being a bicycle commuter? That I am just some privileged PRO bike racer, without a clue and with no real connection to the average cyclist? That I am not run off the road, screamed at, threatened and have shit thrown at me everyday, sometimes several times a day when I am out on my bike?

Back to the original point: I still think Critical Mass riding in circles blocking an intersection is moronic. That is less actual activism and more like a parade/party. Try to explain the positive connection between that kind of riding, and people that are killed by cars; to the drivers sitting in that traffic jam just trying to get home or to work. That kind of activism is short-sighted, divisive and quickly creates enemies, not allies.

I still loathe inconsiderate, illegal and dangerous behavior by drivers and cyclists alike.

Critical Mass does not in itself create safer roads or foster improved riding conditions and safety. Get involved in your city’s Bicycle Association, government, infrastructure or urban planning. Do something tangible to improve road safety versus putting so much value on what has fundamentally become a parade.

Not that there is anything wrong with parades!

For Adam:

Put it on, it works fine. You shift with your brain.

Jesus. Can Parlee do no wrong? Dropping amazing bomb after amazing bomb!

This is completely unreal. Yet, it is very, very real.

I’ve been riding Shimano Di2 for 3 years. It is flawless and proven. Wins races, gets power washed daily, crashed, beaten up and ridden into the ground. Still works perfectly. I don’t have 10 bikes and an endless supply of replacement parts like a PRO team. I’ve got a couple of groups and I’ve been racing on one of the Di2 groups from the start. Through snow, ice, Belgian sand, Japanese mud, Las Vegas’ summer heat. No bullshit, it works.

How do you better such a solid platform? Oh right, improve the User Interface. Or just blow the UI apart and re-think it.

…and with this development, Skynet is just that much closer to dominating us. Well shit, at least our new electronic overlords will have precise bicycle shifting.

Hats off to Parlee and Prolly.

(haters will hate. I bet there are still some of you out there moaning about the development of the clipless pedal)

I have a few windows, with dozens of tabs open, in my browser.

Does that make me productive or counter-productive?

I stopped reading my Google Reader account. I was trying to follow and keep up with so much cycling, art and music culture I had thousands of new things to read in my inbox daily!

Too much. Too much. Too much culture. Still trying to wrap my head around making technology a part of my life without it overwhelming me and becoming my life.

But, then I miss out on things like THIS! I miss Dr. Doom. Good times had with Doom. He continues to keep it real. If you have a hankering for wanderlust follow his blog.

Check out Rerun pulling the slow-mo move about 1:05 in. Completely INSANE!

I should give a shout-out/congrats to a long time sponsor, ENVE composites.

They dropped their SMART ENVE WHEEL SYSTEM about a month ago.

Can Aero get any faster? Looks like it can.

This is a long time coming for ENVE. A good-hearted little company with an incredibly solid product. They have been supporting me for a long, long time. My oldest sponsor? Yes, I think so.

This is a big step for ENVE, jumping into the Aero wheel market and competing head to head with the likes of Zipp and Hed. This should be an exciting next couple of years for them. Like I said, their product is now proven, reliable and high performance. They are going to continue to kill it.

Everyone keeps asking if I have the SMART wheels when I am seen on my ENVE clinchers. No, they are not. Don’t think we will see Jonathan Page out there crushing the euro cx scene on the SMART wheels anytime soon. Aerodynamics play a much smaller part in CX. But, the way ENVE builds a product, their aero wheels will be durable enough for all types of racing.

Speaking of cyclocross:

We are already getting client requests for CX clinics. It is June. And, it has barely gotten warmer than the high 50s in Portland, still raining every day. We have better CX weather in the spring than the fall!

That said, I should go do some intervals. In the rain.

“damn it, up date your web site once in a while”

Ok, thanks I will.

My buddy Jacob won a bike race in Uraguay.

My friend Chris is still building some great bicycles:

And damn it, worst news of the week.

R.I.P. Poly Styrene

I’m glad I don’t watch television. aka “I thought I was an assault on masculinity!”