Heavy day today. (ahem, last Saturday)

(I need to post these a little more timely.)

Whoa. Feeling super emotional today! And, fittingly the Portland weather obliges. Rain, grey and rain.

I am also completely freaked out about the trip to Japan. Wrapping up the details, making it through the UEF open house, getting the work schedule dialed, paying the bills and packing has taken a toll on me. Oh packing. I hate packing.

I am freaked. It is long time to be away from home, not that it is unusual for me to travel for racing but, to Japan… JAPAN?!


Just go ahead and take your mind out and put it in the blender. Because once you watch this video, your brain will be scrambled.

EVIL BOY (official) from Die Antwoord on Vimeo.

Too much in this video. Just too much. I mean, the girls that are tied up to the tree are still dancing while tied up.

mid CX season. PBS open house! Japan bound!

I think…… I think I am taking the weekend OFF!

I’m 4th in the Cross Crusade overall standings but, I think I need to skip it tomorrow to prepare for the trip to Japan. Check out the photo! I’m just cracking up on the first lap!

2010 Cross Crusade #3 (Sherwood)

The open house last night was off the hook! And, I am truly, deeply mentally and emotionally wiped out!! So many great people to talk to, the future is going to be fantastic!! I love my life, my job and I love the cycling community we have forged over the last bunch of years!


I am flying to LA on Monday, then bouncing to Japan on Tuesday. I am racing the NOBEYAMA cyclocross race on Halloween weekend!

More Kansai cyclocross information!

I am sure by now you have all seen this:

Click on this image and know that I whole heartedly agree:
make me look like a cop

This is a pretty cute and accurate summary of cyclocross. Click on the image for the entire comic!


racing and culture DUMP.

yeah yeah yeah, I’ve been having a rough go of it this season. Not looking for “poor molly!” sympathy but, if anything looking to vent and turn my scene around. The 2 most common phrases out of my mouth are “I’m so fucking tired.” and “I’m so fucking busy.” So, the insanity is not new to me. But, I am a planner and a communicator. I like to lay things out months in advance and then have the plans come together smoothly. I like to have a solid idea of what the future holds in store, what my agenda is and how I can budget my time. Because I do NOT have enough of it and, I’m smart about putting it where needed, when needed. I also like to be really good at the things I do. And, racing cyclocross is a big one.

Don’t really know where I am going with this. But, I am tired. Deeply, deeply tired. And, it is showing. I want to take a week long nap and reset. CX season has hardly begun and, I am already feeling haggard.

If I am good at anything, it is being honest with myself. And, I am telling my self to back off a little, recover + re-charge and look forward to Japan and beyond. I’m not even sure if I want to race a bike this week, I may just get caught up on work and see how the hell I am feeling. Well, I really should give the Blind Date another go on Wednesday evening. Man, it is going to suck once it starts raining and we have to ride out and race at night in the rain every Wednesday night.

Oh snap, rumor has it I’ve got a leader’s jersey to wear for that series!


So much awesome stuff catches my eyes. I don’t have enough hours in the day to take it all in, check it all out or experience. Pete just sent me this insanity:

EL GUINCHO | Bombay from MGdM | Marc Gómez del Moral on Vimeo.




Margaret Kilgallen is one inspiring lady. MLFYIASOH has a nice article and link to this video below. I was lucky enough to have known her, if only for a little while.


More inspiration, click the words below. This is a sentiment I absolutely share.

Why not just do it now?


Jeff Curtes is a nice guy, an adventurer and photographer. Click the link and enjoy his little blog.

Jeff Curtes


The VideoGamer nerd’s partners will enjoy this. Can’t remember who I saw this from.


And everyone caught this right? Ryan’s bike with some sweet-as tyres!



And, I have posted about these prints before but, you should check them out again. Because I can do whatever the hell I want. Except race my cx bike adequately this season, apparently.


Los Angeles – San Dimas day #2

Oh man. Bad luck continues. Got taken out of the lead group early in the race when someone crashed in front of me. Argh. Chased hard but, lost so many spots getting back on the bike…

Not stoked on 14th place today. Really not.




Looking forward to getting home and trying to get my life back together and straightened out this week!

Los Angeles – UCI race weekend!

YO check out this video:


Quick update here. I am down in Los Angeles chasing UCI points. A couple small races, put on by Dot Wong (long time CX racer) in San Dimas. I am staying with Jeff and Cara but, they are doing the 508 over the weekend so, I have the house to myself. Aaron Schooler is here staying with me too. Really, why do I always shack up with the Canadians?!

I had a rough week, if you could not tell by my most recent blog post and I was not feeling great on Saturday. Warming up my back was killing me and, 3 laps into the race it seized up and, I pulled the plug. Lots of stretching and lots of sleep were had last night and, I’m feeling pretty good about smashing it today!


Re-posting up this video I saw somewhere else because it is completely insane. Not safe for work, or anywhere really. Not sure if I love it or hate it, I love lady hip-hop and sex workers but, maybe this crosses the line into an offensive parody? Decide for yourself:

Cyclocross season cancelled!

Dude. Seriously. For me, yes. I am close to cracking and I can’t keep up this pace anymore.

I’ll consider it a big success if I can even find the time to show up and start more cyclocross races this fall, let alone try to have anything resembling good results this season. I’m at peace with it, sometimes real life takes priority. And, while I am usually good at balancing the multiple facets of my life and careers, this time, I am overwhelmed.

Crazy Mad Alchemy

I am spread so damn thin right now. What were well laid plans and preparation have been thrown to the wind when 2 of 3 of my friends/employees screwed me pretty good; leaving the Veloshop without notice, dumping 80 hours of wrench-time into my lap, timed precisely with the start of the insanity of cyclocross season and race travel kicking off; the renovation, move-across-town and build out of the Portland Bicycle Studio – Upper Echelon fitness training center in NW and the now time consuming interview and hiring processes of new high quality people for the Veloshop. It has been challenging times.

But, through all of the disappointment and insanity of the last month, so many shining stars.

Castelli USA has taken really good care of me this season and, before I try to start the necessary HUGE thank you list of sponsors, I wanted to point Castelli out. That’s why I’m racing in a Castelli skinsuit. I’ve not had 5 minutes to design my kit for this season! Crazy crazy busy times.

Here are some videos to get you caught up on my racing of late:

Visit for more Videos
Visit for more Videos
Visit for more Videos


I guess the biggest thing to take from the last month is…

…that I need a haircut. Badly. So if someone shows up to a race (probably the only time anyone will catch me in one place for more than 2 minutes.) with scissors and some clippers, I would appreciate a faux-hawk. thank you.

only the best shoes for MC.I know my mantra over the years is “oh, waaah, I am SOOO busy”. But, this time is very different. Back to the old-school MC days, working 10 – 12 hour days in the Veloshop cranking the bike work out and not riding a bike all week. Yet, so much good change will come from this hiccup to the cyclocross season. The Veloshop has been badly in need of some positive energy and a higher level of professionalism.

I’m canceling some of my race – travel. Still heading to Japan for Halloween weekend but, I’ve got to stay home and take care of business. I’ll be in LA this weekend and after that, home until the new Veloshop guys get up to speed and work becomes manageable again.

I’ll be turning the pedals over in fucking anger this fall, as a bunch of people deserve a good ass kicking at my hands but, in lieu of doing that, I’ll just try to tear some legs off in the bicycle races.

Loving cycling, loving my team boys. still like auto tune, sorry.

First, I’ve noticed a LOT of sick music coming from some awesome ladies. I hope the rest of Ms. Dynamite and Maya’s albums are as good as these singles!!

WTF, take me to the future!! It is like I am on Arrakis and high on Spice! And is not Katy B. a dead ringer for Sookie from True Blood?

Ok, hate on the electronic and the popiness of it all. Ms. Dynamite rocks like Major Lazer and that, I am feeling.


I love the culture I surround myself in.


I am also loving that I have a rest week and can find time to catch up on work, real life, do a bit of hanging out and enjoying of iced Americanos.

The Portland Bicycle Studio road team just participated in the Rapha Gentleman’s race yesterday. A 130 something mile gravel road heavy slog all over the coastal hills in Oregon. We had some guest muscle in the form of one Jason Riffle and the Miller Kid. I just did the driving, hauling bikes and gear to and from the event and finish. From all accounts, it was BRUTAL. Sager and Trebon schooled everyone, riding solo, dry heaving and finally collapsing at the finish, partaking on some Cobra Dogs + soda and telling me I should eat meat. jerks! (treboohoo, not Cobra dogs.)

My PBS guys were all pretty well shattered, I got to hear stories about pushing each other up hills, vomiting, passing out, cramping + close to a dozen flat tyres. Desperation. Sweat. and yes, maybe a few tears. Wives and girlfriends and babies and dogs were in attendance at the finish at Chris King co. I’m appreciative all of the things a family brings to the deal (of life!) Must feel pretty awesome to have what you love at the finish of a long day in the saddle.

The Cycling Tips blog put up an argument inciting post about the LBS (local bike shop) vs. Online retailing. Read it here. A decent read but, mostly depressing. Why the fuck would anyone want to own a small retail bike shop anymore. Almost makes no sense… yet, I still fight the good fight.

Speaking of small bike shops, one of the raddest of rads manages one. And passed this video on to me. Possibly one of my favorite videos of the year. Brilliant!!

Thanks NewAntarctica! PS: listening to the Queen discography right now. SO GOOD.

informative videos: Japan on my mind.

so busy this week. not a rider.

The last couple of weeks have been insane for me! Work, sleep, work, sleep. FML means: fuckmylife. Yeah, there are reasons I wake up and don’t want to get out of bed, holy crap I am slammed! In a beautiful yet, time consuming way. The Portland Bicycle Studio is busy, the Veloshop is jamming and cx season is ready to explode upon the world. Good times.

I found these images and sounds inspiring. If you have 30 minutes to kill, enjoy these videos, images and culture I’ve stumbled upon. I’m going to go ride my cyclocross bike after I get done working and arranging clients bicycles on this gray, sunless Saturday afternoon.

Speaking of cyclocross, Cross Junkie gives us a killer little video of our favorite socially awkward Belgian, K Pawls. Featuring a perfectly Belgian pastime: sprinting up muddy hills (on a farm) over and over and over again. With your disabled trainer in a sweet off road wheelchair, giving you the time-splits (with a stop-watch, who needs a power meter anyways?!) and a suave Belgian cyclocross legend hanging out, kicking the dirt, making small talk and observing you work. Classic.

k pawls

I don’t know Liz but, I am a huge fan of Ludo. Bald doping bastard… the video is worth making it all the way through, a mix of vlaams and english so you can’t get too lost. Liz Hatch en haar idool Ludo Dierckxsens Click on the image to check out the video.



Rider’s Collective has a story on me in the July issue. Click through to download the .pdf and check it out!



Independent Fabrication is rocking it hard right now!!

My dear pal Cara Gillis is so PRO. And racing over in Belgium right now with the Canadian national team. L’original! She is posting up some videos and photos for the racing and travels on her blog. Come home in one piece Cara!

It is not about unwritten gentlemanly rules.

It is about respect.

Respect for your competitors and particularly your rivals. Respecting them with your actions to say: “I know you have prepared as long and hard for this as I have, I’m not going to take this cheap advantage of you. I want to beat you fairly.” …unless you enjoy playing the role of foil. Then by all means, race dirty!

Sure, it is bike racing. There are written rules and while you can’t push your rival off their bike, you are allowed and have every right to capitalize on your competitors mistakes and errors. Which I do all the time. You ever sprinted against me? I don’t play nice. If you drop your chain in a sprint, I’m not going to sit up and ask if you are OK.

So there are plenty of haters with their opinions, being vocal on the interwebs. Even some riders I greatly respect have a different view than my own:

“learn to shift Schleck!”
“all this gentleman’s agreement talk is BS!”
“shit happens, that is bike racing!”
“if you mis-shift during a sprint, no one waits for you”

Yet, if you pay close attention, Schleck was not shifting when the chain fell off the inside of the small chain ring. (SRAM and Specialized are going to have a field day blaming each other for the mishap) He had been in a gear and applying the watts to make his attack stick. He was riding away from Contador with Vino on his wheel, they had a few bike lengths (a couple seconds time) on the Contador group. I read that Contador “had planned to attack, I was ahead before I knew what had happened to Schleck”. Which I find hard to believe, you can count 4-5 full seconds from the time Schleck’s crank locks up, he stops pedaling and looks down; to the moment Contador launches an attack. Contador clearly sees Schleck fumble, stop pedaling and launches right after. Good instincts and response time from the Pistolero but don’t kid yourself that he was not precisely aware of where Andy was at the second Andy attacked the bunch.

It becomes not a question of “why wait?” but, why attack? Should Contador have waited? No, that is not what I am advocating. But, to attack at that moment? Why was Contador not on Schleck’s wheel in the first place? If you were feeling good enough to launch a move, why wait until your opponent has a fluke problem?

Not classy. And, a potentially desperate move. I see it as a sign of weakness that Contador played his card at that moment. He is afraid of Andy and he just let Andy know it.

Some will say it is just bike racing and anything goes. But, I would not be able to live with myself if I won because I attacked when I noticed my closest competition had suffered a BS mechanical. You do not need to wait, but you do not need to attack.

I tell my riders:

“Everyone can attack when it is easy. You win races by attacking when it hurts, you attack when it is hard, when your legs are burning, when everyone else is breathing hard and you are suffering. That is when you attack.”

Contador’s only valid rival in the race had stopped pedaling his bike and was futzing with his shifter when Contador attacked. I consider that attacking when it is easy.

I want to see that skinny bastard Schleck attack tomorrow like a demon. He will drop Contador, in anger. And it will hurt. He is gonna get those 8 seconds back and then some.

Allez Luxembourg!!