Tell me. Where should I race this cyclocross season!?


Really, help me out people.

Do I go to Japan? (check out this gallery of a local Japanese cyclocross scene!) Daisuke is super rad and his race will be a first year UCI C2 in 2 seasons. Should I go over and help it out before it goes UCI?!

Shall I put in the efforts in the UK? Will the Brits give a shit about another anglo-phile coming over to get shelled? Is there cyclocross on Islay?!

I had a conversation a couple years back. About “sandbagging” and “cherry picking” UCI points and races. Traveling around the US and hitting all of the smaller races to rack up the UCI points. I thought it was crap back then and, I still think it is crap. I LOVE giving the smaller communities and small cyclocross scenes some love and attention. Help them build their cx programs and series up. And these days, there is no cherry picking. There are FAST riders at even the smallest UCI cx race anywhere in the US!!

Let’s hear some stories from the UK, the South East US, Southern California and Nippon!

What are the dope local races to do? (I did just get some emails from the UK with advice, thanks guys!)


One 2009 Ridley X-Night frame set available for sale.

Ridley X - Night customI still have one of my race frames from last season available for sale! A very light, stiff and good-looking cyclocross race machine.

52cm size. Max saddle height range: 75cm (center of bb to top of saddle) or lower (you can re-cut the seat mast).

Custom paint: Matte carbon finish with sky blue and white accents.

In excellent condition, limited paint dings, no cracks or damage.

More photos of both bikes on my flickr page.


Email me directly or give me a call: 503.841.8006

Tight hamstrings. And brain hurts.

Gabby you are one tough lady. Maybe I should think about heading over to the UK and racing?


Late night.Was just talking with Jeremy Dunn (JD) about writing. I’m impressed with the amount of words he puts to paper. Some exciting shit going down this spring. Hanging out late this evening in the Rapha North America office because soon, I won’t see him for 2 months. Peace out! We are getting tons of work done tonight. Dinner + chocolate. boo-yah. Totally my style. —>

I’m just calling Roger Hammond out to win Paris-Roubaix this weekend.
Why? I love an underdog. And, because when we lined up to start a shitty little cyclocross race in Wachtebeke 4 years ago we looked at each other and snickered, as we both knew we were going to get lapped on this 4 minute a lap course.


Oh man… Whaaaaa? Come on. When I was a kid, I wanted a PK ripper so bad. Cause it was the shit. It was the best bike you could buy. The top shelf. I did not know shit about riding BMX bikes but, I knew that one day, probably when I was an adult, I could afford one.

I don’t want a cheapened version of one of my dearest memories. Fuck these walmart dropouts, integrated headset and BS hipster geometry.

Total cost to produce: $83.37 and a small part of your soul.

No thanks. Let’s try to keep it real, eh?

I do, however want to buy a stainless steel road bike. 1100 grams?! That is lighter than a Pro Machine!


Be careful out there.


What does NSFW mean anyways?



So, when IS a lesbian NOT a lesbian? Besides on the “L” word…


I like buying my fancy chocolate HERE. Thanks for putting in the work and writing a decent blog Robin. Don’t worry about my vegan sensibilities. I can appreciate beautiful things, even if I am not interested in eating them myself.

Dropping some beepbeepblipbeep music on you:

My coach and my employees are hating me for these videos:




I am turning into an electro-slut. The best part of this video is at 3:40.


Electro-slut theme continuing:

Exclusive New Video – Stupid – Redlight
Uploaded by anniemacpresents. – Explore more music videos.


And this takes me back. Punk shows at the BART stations in the Misssion!

I thanks to enjoy your bicycle life.

Thanks Kyle Valenta for the heads up on this band. I don’t get out so much anymore and keeping up with new music is challenging.


Simon is a british bastard with a loud INTERNET PRESENCE. But damn it if I don’t LOVE keirin racing myself… And Japanese documentary videos about keirin racing. Take some time and watch all of these. SO damn good! Keirin is so very interesting. The culture around it. Something so f’ing far removed from what I have ever experienced.

I’m going to go to Japan and make Daisuke take me to temples to eat vegan food.


I was once obsessed with getting over to Nippon and riding some keirin. now, I just want to go and do Daisuke’s cyclocross race and rub elbows with Keichi Tsujiura at the Kansai cup in November!!


Here is a
infografic for you to enjoy. I too watched as Deborah Gibson negotiated her way around a submarine.


More over at the Independent Fabrications blog.


An amazing weekend. wrapped up!

Ape redux.(written last Sunday)
I’m sitting with JD at a cafe working. We both have our laptops open and are commenting on our projects, emails and shit we see on the interwebs.

We spent the day today (Sunday) doing some of this. A classic road ride with super strong pals. I got beat up. And then beat up some more.

It was a beautiful weekend. I had an excellent time on and off the bike. Spending a little time being social and riding in the sun sure does a lot for your mental outlook!

Now it is time to reflect on the past. Take a look at this piece of history. Explore the Independent Fabrications blog. Really really good times.

This Independent Fabrications bike is too legit.


All right, this update lagged as I was on the coast for a few days this week. Moving on to more exciting updates!

The Condor was right. This is amazing:

DIE ANTWOORDMaybe I am just new to the scene but damn. This video interview with Die Antwoord B L E W my mind. It is kinda long so, make a few minutes and open your mind to the future.

“It is kinda like progressing to the next level, like in a video game…”

And thanks Ethan for this video:

We are raffling off a Ridley to help out a pal:

Click on the image for the details!

Buy your raffle ticket here!

Kurt's raffle:

So much love for cyclocross:

Chicago cyclocross cupBeen sitting on this video:

2009 Chicago Cyclocross Cup from Heather Jurewicz on Vimeo.


The importance of being proper:

le one night stand!There is no Sauvie’s Island in Oregon. I’m just saying. There is not.

There is also no “W” in Amy Dombroski’s name. There is not.

There is so much to be said about respecting somethings. And paying f’ing attention.

So, when we go for a ride sometime soon and you suggest doing the: “Sauvie’s Island loop” and I look at you like you are an imbecile… It is because you are. Don’t hate me because you are ignorant.


With that said, Adam tipped me off to this blog a while back. And, it is brilliant feminism, in words, on the web. I am really appreciating the intelligent criticism of burlesque in Twisty’s latest post.

Damn, someday I will expound upon the arguments I have had with partners past about burlesque, porn, sex and a woman’s right to wear whatever the fuck she wants. And how much I support that.

XS Club Racer - don't mess with this.I think it is fucked up that some women will violently support a burlesque show and then hate on other women who choose to wear lingerie at cyclocross races.

Right now, I have a fucking beard. (well at least what this estrogen-laden body can muster up to pass as a beard…) And I still expect you to call me she. How is that for my stance on feminism and gender?


Not that Independent Fabrications needs anymore help jerking themselves off: but this shit is off the hook! This is a Club Racer. Long reach brakes and room for fenders! Carbon and titanium! “We are going to make a clean bike that is practical and basically a work of art and exercise in craftman(craftwoman)ship. And just cause… well, cause we can.”

the facial beardOk, maybe they do need a hand with that jerking off… I would put some miles on that thing. I’d maybe even do a few Epic Rapha rides on it. In fact; I think that Rapha would FORCE me to ride on their continental team with my new facial hair and custom titanium/carbon bike. I’m quite the unstoppable force right now.


Finally, Brendan at Competitive wrote a nice piece about ISPs (INTEGRATED SEAT POST). While I wholeheartedly agree with him. I must counter point. (that and I’ve got owners and soon to be owners of ISP bicycles emailing me like crazy “waaaah! The sky is falling! I’m afraid, I’m AFRAID!!” Do not be afraid. ISPs don’t fail too often. At least none that I’ve worked with. There is almost zero risk of your saddle falling off or the seat mast breaking off catastrophically. If installed by a professional…

I found having an ISP design that actually works (aka: does not break AHEM.) was a HUGE plus for me as a traveling cyclocross racer. Granted; I am a small rider so my frame with ISP easily fits into bike boxes and bags. Being able to pull my saddle off the top of my bike and then put it right back on without having to check or double check my seatpost+saddle height every time I re-built my bicycle was awesome. It is plug and play. I, luckily, do NOT suffer from saddle height OCD. I got a great bike fit, determined my optimal position and saddle choice for cyclocross and that is that.

For my clients, they trust that the fit we provide at Portland Bicycle Studio is spot on. (ReTul, Dartfish, and the Dharma initiative can’t be wrong… right?!) And, once fit professionally, your position on an ISP bike is dialed. They do look f’ing sexy. And nope, not much added in the way of performance enhancing stiffness. But, why not do it? (That and EDGE never gave me one of their hott seatposts so… I think I’ll resent seatposts till the end of my days.) A well fit bicycle will be your partner for years and years. And an ISP highlights my bicycle studio’s commitment to our fit process and getting riders on bicycles well suited to them.


Thanks to my friend Edward for this video response to my “Yeasayer” comment:


Tooting my own horn too much?

How about this for humble pie? Click on this link: Remember three of these men.

For any success I have and will have in cyclocross, they will personally have about %90 to do with it. Ok, maybe something like %80. But still they are a big deal. And I stole the link from someone else’s blog. Sorry. And if you know who they are, don’t spoil it for everyone else.