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So much love for cyclocross:

Chicago cyclocross cupBeen sitting on this video:

2009 Chicago Cyclocross Cup from Heather Jurewicz on Vimeo.


The importance of being proper:

le one night stand!There is no Sauvie’s Island in Oregon. I’m just saying. There is not.

There is also no “W” in Amy Dombroski’s name. There is not.

There is so much to be said about respecting somethings. And paying f’ing attention.

So, when we go for a ride sometime soon and you suggest doing the: “Sauvie’s Island loop” and I look at you like you are an imbecile… It is because you are. Don’t hate me because you are ignorant.


With that said, Adam tipped me off to this blog a while back. And, it is brilliant feminism, in words, on the web. I am really appreciating the intelligent criticism of burlesque in Twisty’s latest post.

Damn, someday I will expound upon the arguments I have had with partners past about burlesque, porn, sex and a woman’s right to wear whatever the fuck she wants. And how much I support that.

XS Club Racer - don't mess with this.I think it is fucked up that some women will violently support a burlesque show and then hate on other women who choose to wear lingerie at cyclocross races.

Right now, I have a fucking beard. (well at least what this estrogen-laden body can muster up to pass as a beard…) And I still expect you to call me she. How is that for my stance on feminism and gender?


Not that Independent Fabrications needs anymore help jerking themselves off: but this shit is off the hook! This is a Club Racer. Long reach brakes and room for fenders! Carbon and titanium! “We are going to make a clean bike that is practical and basically a work of art and exercise in craftman(craftwoman)ship. And just cause… well, cause we can.”

the facial beardOk, maybe they do need a hand with that jerking off… I would put some miles on that thing. I’d maybe even do a few Epic Rapha rides on it. In fact; I think that Rapha would FORCE me to ride on their continental team with my new facial hair and custom titanium/carbon bike. I’m quite the unstoppable force right now.


Finally, Brendan at Competitive wrote a nice piece about ISPs (INTEGRATED SEAT POST). While I wholeheartedly agree with him. I must counter point. (that and I’ve got owners and soon to be owners of ISP bicycles emailing me like crazy “waaaah! The sky is falling! I’m afraid, I’m AFRAID!!” Do not be afraid. ISPs don’t fail too often. At least none that I’ve worked with. There is almost zero risk of your saddle falling off or the seat mast breaking off catastrophically. If installed by a professional…

I found having an ISP design that actually works (aka: does not break AHEM.) was a HUGE plus for me as a traveling cyclocross racer. Granted; I am a small rider so my frame with ISP easily fits into bike boxes and bags. Being able to pull my saddle off the top of my bike and then put it right back on without having to check or double check my seatpost+saddle height every time I re-built my bicycle was awesome. It is plug and play. I, luckily, do NOT suffer from saddle height OCD. I got a great bike fit, determined my optimal position and saddle choice for cyclocross and that is that.

For my clients, they trust that the fit we provide at Portland Bicycle Studio is spot on. (ReTul, Dartfish, and the Dharma initiative can’t be wrong… right?!) And, once fit professionally, your position on an ISP bike is dialed. They do look f’ing sexy. And nope, not much added in the way of performance enhancing stiffness. But, why not do it? (That and EDGE never gave me one of their hott seatposts so… I think I’ll resent seatposts till the end of my days.) A well fit bicycle will be your partner for years and years. And an ISP highlights my bicycle studio’s commitment to our fit process and getting riders on bicycles well suited to them.


Thanks to my friend Edward for this video response to my “Yeasayer” comment:


Tooting my own horn too much?

How about this for humble pie? Click on this link: Remember three of these men.

For any success I have and will have in cyclocross, they will personally have about %90 to do with it. Ok, maybe something like %80. But still they are a big deal. And I stole the link from someone else’s blog. Sorry. And if you know who they are, don’t spoil it for everyone else.

Frame builders… and some other assorted assholeness.

I need to start somewhere! …I start with a review, en français, of one of my current favorite sci-fi writer’s books. Take note, this is such a painfully euro kitchen. Dude probably does not even have a refrigerator… as he also probably does not have any heat in his flat as everything stays at a constant 5 degrees.

You probably don’t want to listen to this review video out loud or, maybe you do… it will make you seem mysterious and intelligent to your office mates! So start the video and take the next few minutes to skim this quick update.


Click on the image for a view of my mechanic Jake’s life last fall.jakescyclocrosslife Take a quick read, and tell him to keep writing! I love the wet NW imagery.


And the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show… you would think that I have some amazing frame builder gossip from the NAHBS. Well I do! And it is… that frame builders are complete curmudgeons. All of them. And I love it. They are all such quirky, eccentric people. I could have spent weeks just hanging out with each of them, swapping stories and listening to them all trash talk each other.

They are dear precious gems. The custom frame builders.

I’ve got some photos I need to edit and post to my Flickr site.

And, when I got back I went directly into the Portland Bicycle Studio in-studio event. Which was a smashing success! We showed off some Lazer helmets and Ridley bicycles. I had Judi’s Crumpton in there too. Which is completely bad-ass!

judiscrumptonframeI’ll say it again, I am so excited to be working with Nick Crumpton. His bikes are flawless. He won best Carbon bicycle at the NAHBS this year. Which makes him the winning-est builder in NAHBS history!

I’ve been working on a story about times and places, periods of my life and how experience is about savoring the moment, or moments, in which they exist. NAHBS plays a large part in that. It is a recent experience. And one that everyone interested in cycling should experience for themselves. I’m not in love (at ALL) with how the NAHBS is put on and most agree it is a poorly planned and run event. (don’t hate the messenger) I appreciate how all of these frame builders come together and show off their products. The grumpy steel builders can openly appreciate the beautiful carbon work before retreating to their workshops to file away their insecurities. The meticulous painters and carbon component companies can see their collaborations and handicraft on beautiful display bicycles. Take Zanconato: lugged steel bikes + carbon fibre tubular wheels. WTF?! Brilliant! Additional Zank video HERE.

We have to embrace the moments we can share something beautiful together. Because they do not last forever.

2 fun videos. Go ahead, waste some time:

As dorky as this is, I like it:

Social Media Saturday.

Picture 260 and sunny here in Portland. And I am forcing my self to stay inside of Sweetpea Bakery, NOT eat any doughnut and commit to working on my computer till I get a LOT of business caught up on.

Answering emails and taking care of PBS clients is the first priority.

Then a creative and witty journal update is in order. A few videos in this update:


My newest team mate AO and superstar team mate Steven Hunter (edited because he is giving me tons of shit right now) got 2nd and 3rd last weekend at the season opening Cherry Pie road race. Damn good finishers those two. And, they be needing those upgrade points.


This is what I imagine the first race of the year being like. And what I really mean is; the first race of the year ANYWHERE in the world. Windy, sketchy, riders bouncing off of each other. Enjoy watching the PROs bouncing off of each other. Big crash in there somewhere.


Jesus I miss cyclocross. And Peter Tachelet.

More Beer Next Year. from j. dunn on Vimeo.

I’m sorry dear friends. Europe was NOT in the cards this year. But, I will find a way to make it happen this season! My mediocrity MUST be shared with the world!


This is a classic beat down. Or, it will be classic if we give it a few years. When Stybar is on a roll, it is a beautiful thing. I like to think the Wallonian grandmothers and their half-Flemish children will reminisce about my riding: “Que Molly … pas le coureur le plus rapide cyclocross. Mais damn! Qu’est-ce l’agression, ce que d’un chargeur!”

Thanks to Breezy for the heads up on that finish. SO GOOD! And then we get to see Neils complaining about the Lion of Flanders flags. (because that is clearly why you lost…) Anyone else think that guy turns into a big baby when things are not going his way?


And, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. (or at least peeking its head out for a minute) Radio Freddy presents a thoughtful and insightful homage to Franco Ballerini.

One man’s legacy.

One could believe that Belgium Knee Warmers is down for the count. I do not. There is a part to all of this bloggy blogging and writing good stories and living the dream that is… wait for it… …REAL LIFE. It happens to some people, most of us actually. Whether it is raising a family or working a job, sometimes one needs (or is forced) to take a break from contributing to the greater good of the world.

If Radio Freddy disappears from us. I will not mourn. I’ll cherish the times we had together and wish him “bon chance” !


And if Alex’s beard gets any crazier, I’m going to marry it. It is like it has a mind of it’s own.

Its not a choice! Its a beard!!

Everyone is going to Adnan Kadir’s training camp!!

dailybriefingI’m such a tool for the late post and this is happening NEXT MONTH!

March 24th – 27th.

My pal (though NOT my coach, he still gets the MC stamp of approval) Adnan Kadir is hosting an excellent training camp next month.


Aeolus Endurance Sport Marin Camp 2010 is in in its 4th year. This year, the camp will feature Jeb Stewart as the primary presenter. Jeb is the man behind Endurofit – an amazing cycling coach and Strength and Conditioning specialist. He will add an excellent new dimension to camp his presentations are first class. Also, we will have two sessions with our nutritionist – a lecture targeted towards eating for success for endurance athletes and a thorough Q&A session the next day. The camp will also feature daily yoga and available massage by the ex-masseuse from the BMC pro team.

There will also be a few additions this year: Cyfac will be supplying demo bikes, and Training F/X will be offering bike fitting and Blood Lactate Testing services. Once again, Quarq will be on hand with demo units for everyone to try and purchase at a special camp rate if they choose.

Here is the itinerary!

The camp price of $2399 includes all lodging and amazing customized meals at the Ralston White Retreat as well as full tuition and your first massage. It also includes full mechanical support during and after our training days as well as full on-road vehicle support. All of the rides take place in beautiful Marin County, California.

For more details, email or call Adnan Kadir @ 503.516.1943

Passing the torch.

This is so brilliant.When you get to watch your offspring railing through corners looking like a young Belgian neo-pro. A throng of heckling cyclocross fans lining the course, urging them on.

Ignoring the beer hand up to keep his eyes on his line.

You know you are doing something right with your life.

This is brilliant. Sent to me from Al in Illinois, that is his kid.

Al loves cyclocross. Brilliant.

(photo credit: Luke Seeman)

FOR SALE: 2 Ridley X-Night cyclocross frame sets.

Ridley X - Night customI am selling both of my Ridley X-Night frame sets as a pair.

52cm size. Max saddle height range: 75cm (center of bb to top of saddle) or lower (you can re-cut the seat mast).

Custom paint: Matte carbon finish with sky blue and white accents.

In excellent condition, limited paint dings, no cracks or damage.

More photos of both bikes on my flickr page.

$3000.00 for both frame sets and extras. Price is non-negotiable.

Email me directly or give me a call: 503.841.8006

I’m speachless, mainly because I’ve lost my voice with this cold.

equals_singleAnd I am feeling the 1960′s right now so watch these choice videos.

I don’t have a lot of history with Tom Jones. But the man has a decent pair of pipes. “She’s a lady” is more my style but I could not find a decent video of it. Enjoy this and avoid the Lolitas and Delilahs.


This is straight out of a bad episode of the Prisoner. I cannot understand a word the announcer is saying. (“the legend of EX-ana-doo”) And the fake whip!? I must admit, I love-hate this stuff. Not going on the ipod interval mix anytime soon.


Finally; this is too good for words. How have I not heard of the Equals before?! WTF WTF WTF! I’ve replayed this video over and over again. I can’t even handle it! They are just bouncing up and down and I can barely understand the sing-mumbling. Soooo good.


crusadepdxOh, right. This is supposed to be a bike racer blog… I am sure all of the die-hards have seen this photo: The “NEW” Clement CRUSADE PDX clincher tyre.

My thoughts?

Portland does not need anymore help. (CrusadePDX infers to me: lapped riders, orange cones and Why not a more thoughtful name? And, I hope the Crusaders don’t sober up anytime soon to sue Clement. We already lost the World Championships to Louisville.

I will also say this: if they make a tubular version and can keep it from rotting out in one season, THEN you can speculate it as a “rhino-killer”. I keep getting more and more emails about repairing rotted out Dugast Rhinos.

Though I still love them and will keep buying them.