Passing the torch.

This is so brilliant.When you get to watch your offspring railing through corners looking like a young Belgian neo-pro. A throng of heckling cyclocross fans lining the course, urging them on.

Ignoring the beer hand up to keep his eyes on his line.

You know you are doing something right with your life.

This is brilliant. Sent to me from Al in Illinois, that is his kid.

Al loves cyclocross. Brilliant.

(photo credit: Luke Seeman)

FOR SALE: 2 Ridley X-Night cyclocross frame sets.

Ridley X - Night customI am selling both of my Ridley X-Night frame sets as a pair.

52cm size. Max saddle height range: 75cm (center of bb to top of saddle) or lower (you can re-cut the seat mast).

Custom paint: Matte carbon finish with sky blue and white accents.

In excellent condition, limited paint dings, no cracks or damage.

More photos of both bikes on my flickr page.

$3000.00 for both frame sets and extras. Price is non-negotiable.

Email me directly or give me a call: 503.841.8006

I’m speachless, mainly because I’ve lost my voice with this cold.

equals_singleAnd I am feeling the 1960′s right now so watch these choice videos.

I don’t have a lot of history with Tom Jones. But the man has a decent pair of pipes. “She’s a lady” is more my style but I could not find a decent video of it. Enjoy this and avoid the Lolitas and Delilahs.


This is straight out of a bad episode of the Prisoner. I cannot understand a word the announcer is saying. (“the legend of EX-ana-doo”) And the fake whip!? I must admit, I love-hate this stuff. Not going on the ipod interval mix anytime soon.


Finally; this is too good for words. How have I not heard of the Equals before?! WTF WTF WTF! I’ve replayed this video over and over again. I can’t even handle it! They are just bouncing up and down and I can barely understand the sing-mumbling. Soooo good.


crusadepdxOh, right. This is supposed to be a bike racer blog… I am sure all of the die-hards have seen this photo: The “NEW” Clement CRUSADE PDX clincher tyre.

My thoughts?

Portland does not need anymore help. (CrusadePDX infers to me: lapped riders, orange cones and Why not a more thoughtful name? And, I hope the Crusaders don’t sober up anytime soon to sue Clement. We already lost the World Championships to Louisville.

I will also say this: if they make a tubular version and can keep it from rotting out in one season, THEN you can speculate it as a “rhino-killer”. I keep getting more and more emails about repairing rotted out Dugast Rhinos.

Though I still love them and will keep buying them.

Baller is as baller does.

This photo was blowing my mind today.

so much bling.

Quarq power meter.

Shimano Di-2 component group with 48 tooth chainring(I ran the 48 tooth chainring at cx vegas!)

Ridley X-Knight frame (world champ pedigree!)

K-Edge chain watcher.

My sponsors last cx season were legitimate. Top equipment.

That’s all I got.

An excellent weekend. During the week.

I went up to Seattle for a couple days to help a pal last Wednesday. I met up with old pals and new, then spent Thursday evening playing video games with my little brothers and dad. I dialed in their bicycles and went for a little shred around the neighborhood with them. The trip was brilliant and now I am rolling hard into a new week.

I drove through Olympia and thought about this video. Though, this may actually be Portland. And, yes I’ve been to a Hazel show. Shit was crazy times.

Women’s cycling! PRO women’s bicycle racing!

Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12 Team from Jim Fryer/BrakeThrough Media on Vimeo.

I was a fan of PROMAN. And I was a fan of Peanut Butter and Co. Now I can enjoy both flavors at the same time!

Things you should watch:

First: you should know that Dolphins are just about as smart as you. Well, smarter than most bike racers really. This video is evidence.

Circle your prey, cause it to freak out, and jump into your trap. Pretty much my racing style.


We all know Jens is hard. So hard that he needs to use a gameboy or a book to relax. Handheld gaming will now become hotter than compression garments. heh heh. My boner for Jens just got a little bit bigger. Wait! did I just say I had a boner for Jens?! geez. Enjoy this video interview:


Dave Moulton keeps the good posts coming. Always, always a good read. I fancied myself a madison specialist for a couple years. And always dreamed of going to Europe to ride the sixes.

Track Cycling from SpeedskaterHD on Vimeo.


Combine that with Dean Tracy’s 6-day euro life update. Dean Tracy is the real deal folks. And, rumor has it he will be back in Portland for a season of road racing.

I’m calling him out as the only real threat to Steven Beardsley’s Oregon sprinting dominance. If Dean can find his road legs in the next few months Steven will have his hands full. I’ll gladly be observing it all go down from my position in the rear of the field.


What else do I have? An article declaring that the US will have both a World Cup and the World Championships in Kentucky in a few years. Fuck yeah!! Well, we have heard all of this before. Remember the one about Sven Nys chartering an airplane to fly all of the Euro-pros over to the states for the World Cup that was supposed to happen?

Yeah. About that…


Portland has been exceptionally nice this time of year. It is mostly dry and beautiful. And I am still just not really finding the time to get on the bike. So damn busy with work in Portland Bicycle Studio and keeping the Veloshop rolling smooth.

I need to get everything sorted so I can start riding regularly again.

Well… I forgot about this guy.

Until getting a few emails this morning with this picture and some amusing captions.

I mostly want to say: fuck all those other dudes on Flaminia for even being able to stand next to Ricco, besides letting him be the center of attention. What a tool.

Complete douchery.

Roubaix and Dugast rot.

These videos are worth the twenty minutes of your life: (if you like cyclocross)


I love the way Stybar races. Aggressive, punchy and fighty the whole way. When he is on, he just looks like he is having a blast on the course. And good ol skinny bones throwing down the late surge. When is Klass going to rise above the rest of the field and win something big?!

I’d love to go back and race Roubaix. It is sooo f’ing hard. They ran the course backwards to the way I have ridden it. Those videos show you some true cyclocross. A heavy course, lots of running. Sketch ball descents that the top riders have to jog down.

Local rider often ask me: “what are Euro courses like? what is different about them?”. Take a look at this course, only 2 top US riders finished on the same lap and one of them barely. Most Euro cx courses will have some features that all but the toppers can manage to ride. We just don’t have the fitness and skills to ride courses like this! US course designers and promoters cannot put on races that truly challenge the top riders because the rest of the categories would not be able to complete more than a lap or two.

And, that would not be very fun for the non-elite categories. As a rider, I would love to see more difficult courses but, as a lover of cx, I want to see it continue to grow and I know people would not keep racing if every course they did was so challenging that they had to run every section.


Dugasts really do appear more delicate than some other brands available. Nothing personal, just an observation.

Greg points it out here.

I’ve had more than a few of them fall victim to water creeping in from the basetape. Anyone have any more pro-er than pro sealing techniques? Care to share? You don’t even need to “aquaseal” or coat FMB and Challenge tubulars and they rarely fall victim to the rot as commonly as the good ol Dugasts. I have seen a couple FMBs go but, never in the first month or two of race use… (assume here that cleaning and storage are similar, clean them, dry them and store them dry.)

Not keeping me from buying them though. I do wonder why they fail like that so often. I fancy myself as being a tubular tyre connoisseur but can’t find logic enough to make a hard judgment.


Not gang of four.

I’m in a fight with a pal this evening and here is my make-up attempt:

Wild Palms from felix buckley on Vimeo.

I don’t know, maybe this music may backfire and could very well break us up forever but, I don’t think so. It is hard to find solid bands. I really like a lot of electronic stuff out there these days but, this video from these British kids is pretty solid. I’m not sure I love the Joy Division-esque moaning but, it feels authentic to me.

Which I value.


I kinda fantasized about my skiing experience being like this video. Without all the silly euro schenanigans.

Ok, maybe with all of the euro schenanigans.

This video is nuts. Soooo good! I don’t really know alot about skiing and this looks sooo intense! ps: mute the soundtrack on this video.


mary iversonAnd, I have JD to thank for most of the great art I am exposed to these days. MY LOVE FOR YOU blog is good, subscribe to it.

Mary Iverson. Info on her current show and art here.

This lines and colors in this piece remind me of my old pal Kelly Martin. Who painted a mural in the mezzanine of the Veloshop in the very, very beginning of the shop. The very mural that a certain Paolo Pezzo poster is mounted onto.

All I want for christmas:

vinoIs one of these jerseys. In small, please. I would even take it sleeveless.


What the hell?! British Cyclocross 2010 national championship postponed due to snow! I enjoyed this article. But, I’m not sure that Percy Stallard was ever a World Champion… of anything. Any Brits care to clarify?


I am a fan of the childless “movement”.
This planet does not need more “little miracles”. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a kid-hater. I just really don’t want them for myself (or my partner).

Pete told me a statistic this morning: something like %90 of Willamette Week readers are childless. My response: “cause if you have kids you will be too busy to have time to read it!”


Speaking of Brits. If you don’t already read WashingMachinePost, you really should. I mean, he gets a Cielo before I get a Cielo. That means something. Sidenote: I decided to give Chain Lube Number Five a call to check it out. And I got an awesome rambling message from one of the guys in New York! I love small businesses! I appreciate it when someone gives me a personal call back. (and the same day.) I’ll check the lube out and let you know!


And… speaking of more Brits. I have mentioned that I am a Sci-fi nerd. Well, it turns out an author I have ben reading has a blog, that he actually updates (more often than I do mine). This lead me to his Facebook page. This is pretty awesome. I mean, the future is now. Why the hell should not fans have a little access to our online personalities? Neal Asher writes good Sci-Fi. I have a policy of not keeping a book library and passing books on to those who need them so, if you want to check him out, give me a holler.


Finally: (this is old news) CyclingDirt did a profile video on both of my businesses. It is pretty cool.

And yes, I finally cut all that damn hair off.

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt


Imma let you get back to work, but I just want to say: molly cameron will be updating this blog on a more regular basis! A REGULAR BASIS! (PS: I still think what Kanye did was brilliant!)

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