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The blood of life.

I witnessed the strangest thing yesterday. These two punk kids were in the Blossoming Lotus getting lunch and glare appropriately as I walk in. One of them has put Murder City Devils all over his messenger bag and I note that his friend is wearing a Murder City Devils t-shirt as well. I order up […]

Too damn busy…

I like Mark McCormack. He is classy, he races cross and, can win a road sprint. I rode my new mountain bike for 12 hours yesterday. Started out riding through Hillsboro and Forest Grove towards Gale’s creek then turned left onto some power lines and rode what we could of the brutal access road. It […]


I’ve been fighting the cold Ira had for the last week or so and I finally succumbed Saturday night. We had an epic mountain bike ride planned for Sunday and even though I should have stayed in bed, I went anyways. Oh, do I feel like crap. I’ve never taken nyquil or dayquil before and […]

Hiz-ustle and fliz-owe.

Keeping tabs on the Cycling news live Tour de Georgia coverage: “13:01 EDT 90.9km/100.5km to go Ollerenshaw has also attacked the break and is currently between the three leaders and the rest of the break. The leading riders have 4’35″ on the field.” holla! Ate dinner last night with Tony Kic, the Miller kid, Brian […]

Stumptown pow-wow.

Ira and I bickered at work today. So to make up for it I took him out for a burrito. We met up with Cary Miller (aka: “the miller kid” Sorry, I’ll try to keep everyone up to date on the sweet nicknames) well, the Miller Kid was waiting around for us and I lagged, […]

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