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Double race weekend over. BS week threat alert: high!

I think in retaliation for Dr. Thompson getting convicted and sentenced for his brutal crime, the drivers and cops of the world felt the need to retaliate on me! Geez, it is barely dusk and I literally had a guy chase me down the street yelling about not having lights on my bike! Every 3rd […]

I'm a liberal traditionalist.

Ok, we need to teach Heidi a little bit about subtle product placement but, we forgive her. This video is pretty sweet. Guest appearances by a bunch of my pals (Jess, Zan!) and a fun glimpse of the awesome scene we have here in the NW. My buddy Dean Tracy is shredding the 6day scene […]

I won my 2nd Cross Crusade race!

Holy crap! I am so damn pumped! I knew the Hillsboro course suited me a little better than the weekend before so, I was pretty confidant going into the race yesterday. Well, I was confidant that I could do a decent ride but, after the last couple of rough weeks I’ve had, I was not […]

I won a cyclocross race!

My first Cross Crusade elite win ever! Been trying for the last 4 years! This is the first season that I have not been sick or injured going into October and well, I hope it pays off with exciting battles for the rest of the Crusades! Heck, even got a Velonews write up! I think […]

Hard water.

Incredibly disappointed with my last couple of races! I’m sitting here ruminating about how to write up a re-cap of my long weekend here in Ohio. As my last 2 races were pretty rough, I should mention that and then move on. Report from day 2 here on Podium Insight. My race on Friday was […]

Waiting to hurt.

Got up late after sleeping like a rock last night. No sweat as, our race is kinda late this Friday evening at 5:30pm. Got a few hours to kill before getting ready. I had no idea Pellizotti was known as the dolphin. This is hilarious coincidence. I saw last week that I got a nod […]

Cross Crusade # 1 – Alpenrose!

Well, I am clearly failing in my goal to win every Oregon cyclocross race I enter. But I am leading the BAR apparently. So let’s break it down: Barry Wicks and Ryan Trebon were in attendance. Ryan on his single speed. I was pretty worked up and nervous about the race! ::list of excuses begins […]

Blind date at the Dairy. aka: "a win is a win".

Ok, all I’m saying is… where the hell is the coverage of the new Chris King road stuff from Interbike?! I barely got to see those things when they were getting built up in the Veloshop. More info please. (this may also be due to the fact that I’ve stopped reading cyclingnews). A rare sight. […]

USGP of Cyclocross #1 – brief report

ouch. Everyone is feeling this last week of racing and travel. Starcrossed, Rad Racing + Vegas and now Wisconsin. Lots of travel, lost luggage, rerouted flights, the standard misc BS that comes with chasing cyclocross around the country. – I should probably start back in Vegas. I rode my eyes out. Had a pretty decent […]

Take a deep breath.

and savor it. I love this fucking sport. I truly do. One minute you are up, the next you are down. This weekend saw top renners hitting the deck left and right, saw riders dropping out and walking away empty handed while new names and faces showed their mettle, stepping up their game and filling […]

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