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Shimano. Tabor.

Got dragged around the Mt. Tabor race Wednesday night behind Jesse Sampson, Doug Ollerenshaw and Russell Stevenson. Russell was making the break work hard. When he had enough towing us around he bridged up to Jesse and Doug. I was left wheezing and sprinted for 4th place in our group. Was kinda boxed for the […]

Too damn busy…

I like Mark McCormack. He is classy, he races cross and, can win a road sprint. I rode my new mountain bike for 12 hours yesterday. Started out riding through Hillsboro and Forest Grove towards Gale’s creek then turned left onto some power lines and rode what we could of the brutal access road. It […]

Health insurance?

Who has it? Well really, who has health insurance and is happy with it? I’m shopping around for some. Interested in something better than the bare minimum coverage. I’ve looked around a little and I think I mentioned it before that I would love to give my money to HealthNet since they are indirectly paying […]

Uvex FP-1 Veloshop team helmet:

After what was a long wait, the demo version the limited Veloshop team helmet arrived and I tried it on and took some photos for all to see. Don’t I look intense? Totally. Look like Jan. Or Shannon. The team version is going to be all white. There you go.

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