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Featured speaker at Cyclocross Nationals 2009:

Coverage of the event Molly spoke at during the 2009 US Cyclocross National Championships. Featuring Marcel Russenberger, Bart Bowen and Paul Curley.

Join us for a spin tomorrow in Portland:

A bunch of us cx racers are getting together tomorrow morning for an easy hour or so spin. Mo Bruno Roy, Barb Howe and Ben Popper are just a few of my super star cx racer pals who are in town for the USGP finals and CX nationals in Bend this weekend. Come join us […]

A friend of mine passed away in a collision with a truck yesterday morning. Brett had the skinniest fucking roadie ankles in Portland. He was one of the old school Veloshop racers and helped my shop out when I was just getting started. He has dropped me on more climbs than I care to remember. […]

Don't forget your booties.

Serious. I totally forgot to put my booties AND my chamois creme on this morning. I should have known I was doomed. Damn! I met up with Doug, Timmy, Dan from hardCorvallis and Carl H. at Stumptown and we started a ride up Saltzman and out the West hills. Damn it, I have not been […]


Belgian ex-cyclocross pro Ben Berden exclaims “keep lying!”. Doh. The article does not mention why his suspension was lengthened. And, he’s got a contract waiting the second his suspension is up. With all the recent examples: Filip Mierhage, David Millar, Berden, it is making more and more sense to dope, get super fast, get some […]

Kings Valley road race:

Mark Blackwelder won the Kings Valley road race today. Our new teammate Kim Mullen placed 12th in the women’s race at King’s Valley. Robin Calver got 4th in the cat 4 race too! Wow, a team victory gets me all pumped! I think I may have a new cat 2 teammate racing with me soon. […]

Weight training makes me sleepy.

I don’t think I ‘ve gotten any more than 6 hours of sleep a night this week either. I’ve had a lot of stuff on my mind. Been spending lots of time with Pete and the Veloshop has been super busy. Been riding a lot too with the weather being so reasonable. That feels amazing […]


The Piece of Cake road race was today and I got dropped in the last lap. Felt ok most of the race but once I was off the back I was in the cross wind and had nothing to catch back up. Thats cool, I’ve got a long year ahead. I feel really good. I […]

This is getting silly.

The new road racing bike just gets lighter and lighter. Notice how the carbon on the cranks matches the carbon on the frame? I hate how this new program does not automatically “wrap” text around images. Sorry, I’m working on it. Recovering from the break in at the shop is going well. It is a […]


Finally got another 5 hour ride in yesterday. Ira Ryan and I barely did a shortened version of the Vernonia loop. I gots the knee pain in a bad way… THIS is hott. Notch another one up for Health-Net. More airtime for local badass Ollerenshaw. I think they just keep Doug on the front non […]

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