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A friend of mine passed away in a collision with a truck yesterday morning. Brett had the skinniest fucking roadie ankles in Portland. He was one of the old school Veloshop racers and helped my shop out when I was just getting started. He has dropped me on more climbs than I care to remember. […]

Don't forget your booties.

Serious. I totally forgot to put my booties AND my chamois creme on this morning. I should have known I was doomed. Damn! I met up with Doug, Timmy, Dan from hardCorvallis and Carl H. at Stumptown and we started a ride up Saltzman and out the West hills. Damn it, I have not been […]


Belgian ex-cyclocross pro Ben Berden exclaims “keep lying!”. Doh. The article does not mention why his suspension was lengthened. And, he’s got a contract waiting the second his suspension is up. With all the recent examples: Filip Mierhage, David Millar, Berden, it is making more and more sense to dope, get super fast, get some […]

Kings Valley road race:

Mark Blackwelder won the Kings Valley road race today. Our new teammate Kim Mullen placed 12th in the women’s race at King’s Valley. Robin Calver got 4th in the cat 4 race too! Wow, a team victory gets me all pumped! I think I may have a new cat 2 teammate racing with me soon. […]

Weight training makes me sleepy.

I don’t think I ‘ve gotten any more than 6 hours of sleep a night this week either. I’ve had a lot of stuff on my mind. Been spending lots of time with Pete and the Veloshop has been super busy. Been riding a lot too with the weather being so reasonable. That feels amazing […]


The Piece of Cake road race was today and I got dropped in the last lap. Felt ok most of the race but once I was off the back I was in the cross wind and had nothing to catch back up. Thats cool, I’ve got a long year ahead. I feel really good. I […]

This is getting silly.

The new road racing bike just gets lighter and lighter. Notice how the carbon on the cranks matches the carbon on the frame? I hate how this new program does not automatically “wrap” text around images. Sorry, I’m working on it. Recovering from the break in at the shop is going well. It is a […]


Finally got another 5 hour ride in yesterday. Ira Ryan and I barely did a shortened version of the Vernonia loop. I gots the knee pain in a bad way… THIS is hott. Notch another one up for Health-Net. More airtime for local badass Ollerenshaw. I think they just keep Doug on the front non […]

Ouch! Site under construction part deux:

The ouch is for the fiscal beating the little Veloshop took with the break-in. I am very tired of talking about it at this point. Yep, I have insurance. I may or may not end up filing a claim. It may actually cost more in the long run to use my insurance to re-coup the […]

Got robbed. Again?

Yep, 2am. Again. Sweeping up glass and hanging out with the police. While the glass company is taking its sweet time getting my new window installed someone actually pulled down the board I had up over the broken window and came in and stole a bunch of stuff. I had a witness and everything! Again, […]