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Early to bed, early to rise.

Brutal road ride tomorrow morning. I fear I may be coming down with a cold. Sore, scratchy throat this morning. We will see. Saturday is a big day. The first of the Crank Brothers grand prix of cyclocross. Thanks to Jackie at King for the photos. Busy, busy, busy at the shop. Got my tyre […]

Starcrossed, Cross Crusades #1

Wow. I don’t think anyone will be able to describe the weather in Seattle on Saturday night. The start was delayed due to lightning. It was torrential rain and then hail and then rain and hail and thunder and lightning. I was warming up in a pinic padoga with Tim Johnson, Ian Brown and I […]

Seattle, pre-Starcrossed.

Woke up in all my clothes. My ladyfriend and I drove up to Seattle Friday night and ate sushi with some of her friends. Spent the night in the Wallingford neighborhood and she woke up to run off and help a friend move. I slept in pretty heavily and scampered off to find a coffeeshop […]

Laptops, espresso, cyclocross.

Wow. I am still recovering from last weekend. Have not even unpacked from our race on Saturday. Still got boxes of stuff littering the floor of the shop. I am super stressed out! The promotion of our first cyclocross race went flawlessly. 270+ racers in attendance and almost no problems. There were a few missed […]

My laptop died.

So, my laptop died. I’ll get it back in a few days, the hard drive is dead. All my data on it is gone. That means I’ll have a lot of work to do when I get it back. Ugh. We promoted our cyclocross race this Saturday and then Brian Ellin and I raced in […]

Woke up to my name in print:

Just Out did an article about queers and bikes. If you are local, take a read. I certainly got a little mis-quoted but, I have come to expect that with all the recent publicity. If I really am working 10+ hours a day and training 4+ hours a day, I’ll go with it. heh heh… […]

What happens in Eugene stays in Eugene, bro.

Rode the time trial of my life, catching my 30 second and 1 minute rider in the first few miles before getting off course and adding 10 minutes to my time… Ugh. Long story short, I really hurt myself in the TT and easily did a top 5 ride. The officials adjusted my time but, […]


Pulled my Achilles tendon at the Sellwood cyclocross practice this morning. Jamming up the runup. Getting a massage tonight from Molly Carlson in anticipation of the final road stage race of the year, the Eugene Celebration. The cross season is coming up so quickly, got to get all these race wheels built before our race […]

29years, 29er wheels.

I finally bought an Ipod, used, for about $100 from some jerk. It is a piece of crap, has like a 1 hour battery life. Oh well, I’m going to sell it today and just buy a new one. There you go. I guess it is about $60 to get a new battery installed. Maybe […]

Scotty Graham memorial XC race:

My first Elite XC win of the season! And my last, seeing as the season is over. My expert class teammates Patrick and Steven took silver and bronze respectively while I snagged the gold medal and the cash! I did not have a great feeling about the race beforehand. Had a stomach ache but, decided […]

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