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Yesterday was the “I have an intense personality and I am going to try and ruin your day” day. I was in high spirits all day and had to deal with too many customers! Too many! The guy who got up in Keely’s face while she was building a wheel, the guy who insisted on […]

Vanilla cyclocross bikes…

…are amazing. Truly. I still don’t have any components to get them built up so I dug around upstairs, pulled some trashy wheels out of the recycling and banged them back into shape and got the A bike running. Just in time to ride out to the cross practice at Alpenrose Velodrome (good job Craig […]

12 hours of Wilamette pass:

After getting trounced by Santiam cycles (Evan Plews, teammate) and, the Bike Gallery team (Matt Slaven, Brian Wilson.) in the 2 person elite category, I am back in Portland enjoying a soy mocha. All quiet in the shop, it is Labor day. Hopefully it will stay quiet in here and, I’ll be able to get […]

And, I decided to skip Interbike this year…

“Stronglight Stronglight also has a new carbon crankset, the Pulsion Activ Link. With an integrated titanium axle, the system weighs 610 grams. The 7075 T6 aluminum chainrings are treated with ceramic and Teflon for durability and quick shifts. The crank uses internal bearings and thus boasts a standard Q factor.” I have been using the […]

High Desert omnium part deux:

So, I sat up in the bunch sprint for 3rd in the road race. I won’t go into details about it but I did get to punch my handlebars like I was in the tour de France and throw my hand in the air in disgust. That meant we ended up with a 3 way […]

High Desert stage race:

Writing from Damian Schmidt’s house here in Bend, Oregon. Michelle, Jess and I drove out Friday night after work to race the High Desert Omnium (TT, crit, road race). We did’nt hit much traffic though we did catch the start of “Hood to coast” while driving over Mt. Hood, lots of runners, running in the […]

2nd place is the first loser.

Raced the Oregon state points race championship at the velodrome last Sunday. Mikkel Bossen, Walker Starr and I lapped the field right off the bat. Walker is a damn good sprinter. I got beat fair and square. 150 laps, pretty long, pretty hot. Got a rubdown from Molly Carlson afterwards. After the points race we […]

Rookie mistakes.

I spaced out in the Miss and Out at the track last night, forgetting that we were doing a 2 up final sprint NOT a 3 up. I won the other 2 events but my 3rd place left me 2nd in the Omnium. Been training lots. Getting all ramped up for a couple short stage […]

Twilight crit!

I did a 4 hour ride Friday morning and kept falling asleep at the shop. Luckily I ran into Adam as I was headed to work and he came by and let me take a long lunch. Dozed off after I closed up in the comfy chair and woke up just in time to see […]

Testing 1 2 3

Yep. This is the first post on my new website. Expect to see tons of info about my racing and crazy busy life. I’m new to blogs and tend to loate the internet but, we’ll see how this goes.

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