cyclocross world championships koksijde

Cyclocross World Championships - Koksijde

Here I am, in Koksijde, Belgium watching CX Worlds. It has been a quick trip, right to the venue and right down to business. I am helping out with some pictures for a documentary in progress. All business, no pleasure.

Been a few years since I have been to Belgium, it is weird not to be racing. It certainly makes the visit a whole lot easier. Less stressful.

I am running into everyone I know here. Even though there are 40,000+ fans in attendance, it is still pretty easy to find the people you are hoping to bump into.

The Junior, U23 and Elite Women’s races have been amazing to watch and the notorious Belgian super fans are being notoriously Belgian. (these guys are Dutch)

The Elite men’s race begins in an hour and the venue is going to be insane. If a Belgian does not win, there is going to be a riot.

Like usual, everything in Belgium ends up being more complicated than it needs to be. So, internet access has been sporadic.

OMG, the race is about to start!


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