dolla dolla billz yall

dolla dolla billz yall.

(wrote earlier last week)
Just got done with a solid week/long weekend of racing. Read: hanging on for dear life! I’m getting beat up out there! Hard not to let it get to you that you are riding with zero form, rough technique and mediocre leg speed.

This is what racing into shape feels like apparently.

I worked really, really hard to salvage a 2nd place last Sunday in Hood River. I finished behind my team mate Brett who was dominant. Must ruminate on how awesome my team is racing right now soon too.

…CrossVegas, went well enough. Had one speed, pedaled steady and did not lose positions throughout the race. That event is a bit of a cluster-F. You race into the top-20, that is cool, you just finish on the same lap? Well, that is pretty cool too.


Moving forward, I’m sitting in Waunakee, Wisconsin awaiting my ride to pick me up and take me out to day 2 of the USGP of Cyclocross in Sun Prairie. Yesterday went ok. Definitely not feeling speedy but again managed not to get lapped and raced well enough. No crashy crashes or anything. It was wet but drying up as the race went on. F A S T and bumpy.

There is a lot to write about the race, the course, the actual racing and hanging out with friends. Lots of them! So many friendly faces out here in Wisconsin. The Curtes brothers, the My Wife inc. crew, the promoters, and all of the mid-west area teams and posses. The heckling on the run/ride up was world-class. Bart Wellens and all the Euros are here in force.

Plenty of fast guys that don’t know how to drive their bicycles yesterday. I’m all for bumping elbows but, geez. Knocking people over does not make you fast. Just makes you annoying.

Today looks to be a complete mudder.

The real question is: do I wear my long sleeve white skinsuit or, my long sleeve white skinsuit?


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  1. Molly,
    It’s always so awesome to have you take time to come to Wisconsin for our race. Luckily a weekend filled with MWI cupcakes is hard to pass up!

    Posted by Renee | September 27, 2011, 8:32 am

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