eerde veghel c2

Eerde-Veghel C2

I’m getting ready to head out for a ride with Parbo.

It is still cold, and grey. I picked up Ryan from the airport early this morning.
Here are the official results: Internationale Cyclocross Veghel-Eerde

Click on Uitslagen: Elite/Beloften

The course was awesome! Hard packed sand, pretty short laps, mostly single track. Though it is a C2 race it was pretty big. The Fidea team was out in force; the promoter has a Fidea relationship and they obviously wanted to put on a show.

I rode a poor race. I could write on about what went wrong but, mainly I was ill prepared. I don’t have a trainer and I spent the time before the race shivering and trying to warm up on the roads. Not the best warm up. I did not have any real pit support at this race adn I wandered around, bumming pump off of the FBUK team.

The course was sweet and my start was pretty good but, I was just getting ridden off of wheels once I was blown back out of the 30′s.

We did not get lapped but as we crossed the finish line with 1 to go, I looked back and saw Wellens turning onto the finish straight. The officials saw it too and flagged down the group of 3 I was with before we could get back onto the course. They should not really have stopped us but, it was freezing and who wants to wait around another 5 minutes for 44th place to finish?
It was a technicality but, I still rode like crap.

Thats all I got for now.

I’m going riding, more later.


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