finance tax answer the phone

Finance. Tax. Answer the phone!!

Yesterday was one of the days I loathe. The phone rings every 2 minutes ALL day long and everyone wants my money. Not like telemarketers or anything but y’know, debt, bills, distributors, sales reps, bills, payroll, bills and, ok, a few telemarketers.

Yesterday was one of those days where I realise how close to futile keeping the little Veloshop afloat is. I have to laugh when companies are like, ok, well on top of your $75 fee we will need a $900 security deposit. I just have to laugh and hang up the phone. It even gets to a point where I just laugh on the phone and tell them “Hey, I would love to pay you. But seriously. No, really. I do not have ANY money.”

Which is true.

Sure, I have $15 in my pocket. I can still pay for lunch and espresso but, in the business scale of things, I’m broke. I dream of one day actually having a few hundred bucks in the bank to use in an pinch. I remember 5 years ago when I started the shop in my basement and then a little later on MLK blvd. $300 was the start up. Well, that and first months rent on the space next door to the Rasta drug front.

I’ve never had a credit card and never gotten a loan or investment. Shit, the shop does not have a business plan or anything. I show up, open the door, work on bicycles and then go ride them. Sounds simple enough right? That should work right?

The Veloshop suffers from a bit of an identitiy crisis (no pun intended). I run my shop like it is ten times bigger than it actually is. And within the last couple of years it is getting pretty big. It is no longer just an extension of my tool box and closet. It is slowly becoming its own thing. I stress, slowly. My accountant says it. “You are underfunded.” And because of that I just have to put my head down and work super hard and slowy, slowy, slowy build up capital and inventory.

But yesterday. Man. Days like that make you want to crawl up into a little ball and hide in your bed. I just have to laugh about it and remember that money is bullshit and if I lost it all tomorrow, well, it only cost me a few hundred bucks in the first place.

Moving on.

We broke into the team S&M team research lab, found Eric’s stash of performance enhancing cookies and this team issue helmet. Rumor has it that Sellwood is now requiring a ski jumping license to join the team. There was a load of cash laying next to some fancy full carbon TT bikes and we stole that too.

Pete got back yesterday from Hawaii. So nice to see her. I picked her up from the airport and we took a nap before both being late to work.

Sacha White is viciously building bikes for his 2nd attempt at dominating the Handbuilt bicycle show. FYI: I know what the secret weapon is. I will not tell.

My pal Peter was dealt a crushing blow in the Cherry Pie fixed gear category road race. After reading HIS report of things. There was a ot of wheel sucking and sketchy riding, a crash, some busted spokes and an illegal sprint. Oh but the guy who won deserved it fair and square.

I’ve been working with Wenzel coaching the for the last month and besides my chronic knee pain they have set me up with a kick ass program and I’m hitting the gym harder than I ever have before. Not too hard mind you. But hard enough to improve on last year and go from a top 30 cross racer to a top 10 cross racer.

Well, per usual, I’m running late.

End rant.

PS: Thanks to all my really awesome friends, teammate and customers. Though I scowl at you, it is the most affection I can muster out of this ice cold heart. I like you. Really.


5 comments for “Finance. Tax. Answer the phone!!”

  1. Where’s peter’s race report? Sounds funny.

    Posted by Anonymous | February 24, 2006, 1:21 pm
  2. Molly, we like you too! At least I do, I can’t speak for the other teammates.

    Posted by Todd Foreman-Kinder | February 24, 2006, 7:02 pm
  3. Molly. I know, you could save some money by not buying a new laptop and blogging so much… That’s one more bike repair to bill… but, then our lives would be incomplete! Maybe it’s time to bring back the paypal “donate” button. :)

    Posted by Aardvark Scatch | February 24, 2006, 7:44 pm
  4. Awesome. MC Whine is back! This site is almost as bad as Shriver’s old internet panhandling scam. Yeah, bring back the donation button. The rain has got P-town down and we need a reason to laugh again.

    Posted by Anonymous | February 27, 2006, 3:46 pm
  5. I firmly believe that we all like you. You say what you mean, and (underline and) you sign your name to it. That’s respectable, and appreciated.

    Posted by NoCoolHandleHere | February 27, 2006, 8:06 pm

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