give me a break 2

Give me a break!

Hit the deck really hard with a few laps to go at the USGP #1.

Was having a good ride, chasing top 15 and I lost my front wheel on some pavement.

Tasteful close up.Tried to get back on the bike but could not breathe with out pain. Dan Werle dragged me off the course… Thanks Dan! Thanks Drew and the EMTs and the handful of other people shepherding me around.

About 6 people tried to take my bike from me but I was using it as a crutch!

EMT said the ribs are not broken, maybe cracked?

Sore, frustrated.

If I start the race tomorrow, I’m going to crush it.

I’ll see my enemies defeated through a cloud of Ibuprofen and pain.

Damn it!


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  1. I went down there too, and Dan got me going again in our race, did you see all the scrapes on the concrete on that scetion today,

    btw, way to crush it today.

    Posted by Bob | October 28, 2007, 3:08 pm
  2. Molly,
    I have had (unbeknownst tome) 2 displaced ribs fromfractures for going on 10 years. after numerous trips to my doctor who chalked it up to “It’s nothing, you’re getting older” then finally seeing a chiropractor who allerted me to the displacement of 2 ribs. after 3 weeksof 2 sessions per week of adjustments, I have no pain and am able to breathe normally again. ribs can be tricky, take of yourself.

    Posted by Frank Brigandi | November 6, 2007, 8:10 am

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