Highs and lows.

Raced a local cyclocross today in Ham! It was pretty rad. The categories were 40+ and 40-. We started the 40- category. Like driving down to Eugene and racing with a couple dozen other riders.

We paid our 3 euros, and took lap after lap of the singletrack heavy course. My pals were convinced I could win the race but, after my performance yesterday in Zolder I was not feeling so confidant. I came here to blow the legs out and try and get my body moving again.

The temps were just below freezing so all the mud was turning to ice and some of the corners were getting sketch. But maybe that was just my amazing (read:pathetic) technique.

Having no series points we started at the back. I worked my way up into the top ten going into the single track and a few laps later got myself up into the top 5. I battled with a couple guys but, the gap to the 2 lead riders stayed at the 10 seconds I lost in the first and second laps. Third place got me when I dabbed on some ice and kept his 5 second gap till the end.

Hey, I won 9 euros for my effort!

Super cool fantastique!

Such a change from 40,000 fans to 40 eh?

My legs felt a little better still pretty sluggish and I certainly could not dig very deep. I’ll post some photos tomorrow.


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