high desert omnium part deux

High Desert omnium part deux:

So, I sat up in the bunch sprint for 3rd in the road race. I won’t go into details about it but I did get to punch my handlebars like I was in the tour de France and throw my hand in the air in disgust. That meant we ended up with a 3 way tie for 1st overall. The race official actually came up and shook my hand later, “That was very classy, I saw you getting bumped out in there.” That acknowledgement meant more to me than my position in the overall.

I got to watch my dominant cat 4 teammate Mike Hildebrant win the RR and Crit back to back! Jess rolled in for 4th in the RR leaving Mike and Jess 1st and 5th overall! (cat 4 racing may not mean alot to some of you but, it is super impressive to see your novice teammates stepping up and racing like badasses. Plus I think the cat 4 average MPH was faster than the pathetic 23 MPH we did for 60 miles.)

I need some teammates to work with. I drove a break for the last 10 miles and just did not have the gas to follow Rand Shoaf and Aaron Coker off the front for the win. I was actually bossing around other teams riders trying to get them to do some work for me! (it worked!)

Big thanks to Schwalbe tyres, I got my new “light” race tyres the day before the race and I loved them. I brought a few spares and we actually ended up needing them when Michelle got a flat before the TT.

It was my birthday yesterday, 29 years. Which reminds me, I think Mark King is like 16 years my senior. If he beats me at any cross races, I’ll buy him candy.

Did I mention I attacked at mile 2 in the RR? Andrew Reed bridged up to me and was aggressive the whole race. So good to see him on the bike.

Anyone catch those new SRAM “ergo” style shifters?

Off to the shop.


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  1. Molly, your “blog” is just darling. What do you want for your 39th birthday?

    Posted by Little Package | August 29, 2005, 11:50 am
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    Posted by seriously.. | September 1, 2005, 3:59 pm

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