holy world cup

Holy World cup!

Fidea!IMGP0796.JPGDrove out to the Hofstade world cup a couple days ago with Verge to heckle the FBUK British girls and Parbo.

Finally had a day to play euro tourist super fan.

Bought a bunch of touristy crap, snapped a bunch of photos.

Jpows.IMGP0808.JPGI fully intended to write a big update on my site. Instead, I shall point you over to the report I wrote for the fabulous website, race.cx

Dear Canadians (not in the house): I’ve been trying to stay on top of the girl’s results but, it is total chaos at the races and they usually leave a bit before I do. We see each other later at home, tired and dirty…

Richard Groendals wheelsWellens!Note: Parbo’s sweet team vehicle vs. 1 of the flotilla of Fidea vehicles.

Bart Wellens looks funny in person. Like the kid that would get bullied around in middleschool. (no offense Bart.)


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  1. 4oth in the Superprestige!!! Sweet! Almost there……..Hope the Belgiums can handle the domination thats a comin’ in 07.
    Happy new year,
    Matt and Saska

    Posted by matt hall | December 31, 2006, 9:40 am

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