i dont own clincher wheels

I don't own clincher wheels.

I’m serious!

It is kinda ridiculous. I am going through a little wheel crisis right now. Hubs and guts all over the place.

I’ve been borrowing friends and customers wheels to train and race on for over a year.

I’ve got my cx wheels all built and hanging from last season but, that is it! Not a single clincher wheel in my arsenal.

“But you own a bike shop!” I know, I know. All that really means is I sell everything I am not using and over the last couple years all of my clincher wheels have found their way into my Veloshop team and other friend’s hands.

New exciting news is: Reynolds cycling has finally decided to sell Reynolds carbon rims singly.

As in; rim only.

I’ve been excited about trying a pair out for cyclocross racing but, I have a great relationship and love for Chris King co. and until recently one could only get a Reynolds rim pre-built into a wheel. It made no sense to buy a whole wheel just to de-build and re-build onto a King hub.

So, now I get to fulfill a small wish.

And actually own my own clinchers for once.


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  1. The cobbler’s children get new shoes! Er, rims?

    Posted by Phil | May 14, 2007, 5:45 pm

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