i ramp up for cx you ramp up for cx

I ramp up for cx. You ramp up for cx.

Greg is f’ing stoked on his new Ridley X-Night frames.

Take a look: HERE


Just wrapped up a nice rest week, catching up on lots of work. Enjoying splitting time between my Speedvagen cx bike, BMC Pro Machine and a Ridley X-Fire from Portland Bicycle Studio. It is pretty fun to cx over between the rides. Riding each is so different yet, they are all really nice so finding something to criticize in any of them is hard. Not that I am looking but, people ask “which one is your favorite?! what is the difference?!” They are all light, they are all stiff and wicked fast. There is something to love in each of them and no glaring flaws that jump out.

And no, the Ridley X-Fire is not the bike I will be racing this cyclocross season. I’ve got to have experience on the bikes I sell! It is important.

I’d love to check out a titanium cx bike… the Vertigo in Portland Bicycle Studio is just too big for me. That would be the whole spectrum of materials. Carbon, Steel, Titanium. I guess I am leaving alloy out… ok, I need to get on an alloy cx bike too! (Zac Daab was rocking some bad ass Sycip cx bikes last season) It is vital for me to have a personal grasp of how each material and different geometries relate to each other and to the rider. I loathe when guys that have never put miles on a carbon bike dismiss them: “plastic bikes suck! waaah!” and the reverse is boring as well: “but, steel bikes are so HEAVY!”. I try not to comment on a bike or components unless I have a lot of experience on it. And so should you.

Maybe I should bug Seven or Independent Fabrications to get me on something TI and cyclocrossy. mmmm. I wonder if Desalvo has anymore room on the payroll for another cx rider…


Did a run up after a little spin Sunday morning, and I was surprised how normal it felt to me. Grab your bike, run up some stairs. That is all there is to it really.


Embrocation Cycling Journal has a new website. And it is AWESOME.


4 comments for “I ramp up for cx. You ramp up for cx.”

  1. you know it’s cyclocross time when we start throwin’ elbows on training rides.

    Posted by matt hall | August 3, 2009, 4:42 pm
  2. Saw you at the final PIR short-track last night on that Ridley.
    That’s QUITE a sleek bike.

    Posted by beth h | August 4, 2009, 6:36 am
  3. noticed some lycra on your body!

    I took a lap of the course, man! That was pretty technical!


    Posted by Molly | August 4, 2009, 12:18 pm
  4. what about an SSX? stainless steel is where its at man. drop joe at ifbikes.com for a demo ride (TPX or SSX) to push in PBS

    Posted by ken bloomer | August 5, 2009, 12:54 pm

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